Hot-ventures in a shared bed

September 30, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I had to rebook my flight because I needed to attend to something so my student -John L. , flew out ahead. We were supposed to fly together to Davao to join a National Writing Competition. 

I wasn't supposed to be with John but Sir Carlos got sick and was forced to go on an indefinite leave. Since I teach creative writing, the dean picked me to go with John. The school does not allow our students unaccompanied.

I was surprised when it was John who picked me up at the airport instead of the hotel shuttle. He said that he volunteered to pick me up instead.

When we got to the hotel, I invited him to have lunch first but he said he has already eaten at the venue so I decided to just order food to be served in the room. I asked for my room key and to my surprise John said we are staying in the same room. Something went wrong with the booking and the hotel is fully-booked.

I asked if there are two rooms. He just smiled -that naughty smile that I have secretly so admired -hmmmm, actually, I find it sexy.

The room is small but cozy -and there is only one bed, double not queen size. I asked where he would sleep and he said it depends on me. If I am kind, he will sleep on the bed. But if I am not, then he would have to sleep on the floor. Again, he said that with his naughty (sexy) smile. 

I told him that I am very kind so I will sleep on the floor so he can sleep on the bed. He said that he wouldn't allow that. He said we can sleep on the bed together. 

I told him that it can't be (although, I felt excited -and yes, I wished he'd insist). He asked why not. I said because it's not proper. And that something may happen.

He laughed and said: "Ma'am ha, what are you thinking? You ha! But...hmmmm well, so what if something will happen?"

I didn't know what to say. I went to the bathroom. Deep within, I could feel my heartbeat really going fast. My imagination started to create images. Then I hear him call me.

When I opened the door, I saw him in bed, under the sheets. He smiled and motioned me to lie beside him. I just stood looking at him. Then I noticed his pants on the chair. The more that I palpitated. I couldn't explain how I felt. 

HE sat and took my hand. I resisted. But he was persistent. Then he looked at me. He whispered: "You're really so beautiful. Hot!" I was quiet. He continued: "Ma'am, don't be angry but I have been waiting for this opportunity. I have been wanting to tell you this." I mumbled: "What?"

He knelt on the bed and drew me close to him. I noticed that he was only wearing his undies -and wow, I could see clearly what's under his undies. I started to get wet. I felt my nipples got hardened.

He moved closer and whispered: "Ma'am, I love you. And I want you." Before I could answer, he was already kissing me. I resisted. I told him that I will shout, that I will fail him, that I will tell his parents, the dean.....but he continued... "Ma'am, please. I have been imagining you a lot. Please....look..." He took my hands and pulled down his undies. Wow! As in wow! Before me is his long hard dick -maybe about 6.5 inches -much longer and yes, harder than my ex-husband's dick. And the head is reddish. "Shyet!" "Ma'am, hold it please. I have been wanting you to hold it." "Shyet! It's so hard, fucking hard."

"Ma'am...can we fuck?" 

I did not anymore answer. I kissed him back - this time, long torrid tongue kissing. "Ahhhhh, shyettt!" His kiss aroused every cell in my body. Then, I felt his hands inside my shirt. I resisted but his persistence overcame me. Soon he was touching my nipples - then he removed my shirt, my bra. "SHyet, ma'am! Wow!!!!! Fuck you!" "Fuck you too!" Then he licked my nipples like crazy. "Ma'am, it's my first time. Ah..... shyetttt!" "I moaned...shyet. He does it so well!"

Then he removed his undies, then mine. We were both naked. We stared at each other for some seconds. Then we were lost in the heat of our bodies. "Oh, John...ah.....shyetttt! Ang sarap!" "Ma'am, thank you. Shyett..ang sarap mo nga......"

Then he was on top of me...I knew this was it. "Putang ina mo. Ituloy mo na." "Putang ina mo rin ma'am. Ang tagal tagal na kitang punagnasahan. Ilang gabi na akong nagmasturbate dahil sa libog sa yo." Then he pushed his l... Read More

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