November 2, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Down and beaten to the pulp, I succumb in pain asking myself what have I done wrong to deserve this.

Staying in a dark corner, I realize I was still alive. There’s still a sense of purpose left.

Then suddenly, someone knock. It’s the devil, asking me to let him in.

“Let me guide you home.”, the devil pleaded. So, I opened the door and hold his hand.

The devil led me to a dark alley. At the end of that narrow alley, I saw a bright light. Its not always an angel that will lead you to “that” light.

The walls are asking me to turn back and run, while they show my past actions and decisions that made me who I am. But there is no turning back now. I think the devil is my friend.

Then the bright light swallowed me. All I can do is open my arms and embrace the heat. Don’t know if its heaven or somewhere else, it just felt like home.

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