Holy Sheez

March 10, 2016 (2 years ago)
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It was rainy, a rainy sunday to be exact. I was still working at a BPO company as a supervisor back then. just finished my shift, went out of our bulding located somewhere in Pasig. I was wearing my usual attire, a black tight fittng knee length skirt that really shows and enhance my big ass, a plain white spaghetti strapped top, and a mixture of dark violet and red see through kimono style to put over my plain white top and just a flat open toe doll shoes, and oh. I wasnt wearing any bra that day cause the white top had a thing that could support my Double DDs.

I was about to go home when I remembered that I needed some goceries so I went to the nearest supermarket. there I was, almost done with my list, just had one thing to buy, when I noticed this man, standing next to a milk stand, he was smiling while texting. he was wearing a dark framed eye glasses, white polo, black slacks and a black leather shoes. he has chinky eyes, crooked nose, red lips and for sure he looked mestizo.he was good eought to eat, right then and there,but I had to set aside the idea cause I thought he was texting someone special cause he was smiling like a fool, so I just took the last item that I needed and left.

It was still raining, it was almost 6 p.m.,i wanted to go home cause i was so tired.
"fuck, ang malas naman.ugh" i blurted out loud

Then i heard someone chuckled, si mr. mestizo nasa likod ko, staring at me, well at my head, he was pretty tall for a filipino.

"Is there something funny?" i asked him

"Wala naman, you just look so pissed" he rebutted.

"And that's funny cause?"

"Hey, no need to go amazona on me. i wanna help you out, see?" while raising his umbrella up.

"Sorry, just really had a long day, i just need to hail a cab, coding ako. pasabay na lang sa umbrella ha? pagod na talaga kasi ako,dont wanna keep waiting here."

"Sure thing, san ka ba? miss...?"

"Jay. you can call me jay." then i smiled

He was smiling back at me "matt, my name is matt. taga san ka?"

"Sa 10th ave. eh, hirap pag coding"

"Hatid na kita, wala naman na ako pupuntahan, plus, same way lang naman."he offered

I looked at him, trying to figure out what kind of a man he is, i stared at him for 5 minutes, he just stared back. he knew that i was assesing him, he didnt smile, he didnt frown.he didnt talk. he just stared back, and for me that was enough. so i agreed.

"So uwi ka agad? wala man lang balak magdinner? coffee? o kahit juice?" matt asked me

"Haha is that how you ask a girl out?"

"Hindi naman sa lahat, sa mga hinahatid ko lang pauwi" he sheepishly said

"Haha di ko alam taxi driver ka pala. hahaha a dinner would be nice, a beer would be awesome"

"Okay, so daan tayo sa fave resto ko."

We talked while we waited inside the car, road was too congested since rush hour na.iiknow he was checking me out discreetly, namimilog mata nya pag napapatingin siya sa dibdib ko, pati na rin sa hita. he asked me a lot of things, dami ko din nalaman tungkol saknya, he's the operatonal manager sa isa BPO cmapny na katabi lang ng building namin. we talked and talked until makarating kami sa resto na sinasabi niya. the resto looked good, it was a small resto and walang masyadong tao, kumbaga, sumisigaw ng "you'll have privacy here" yung lugar.

So we sat down, sa may gilid lang kami nung resto umupo. nakakabit yung table and chair sa wall, may table cloth na mahaba. magkaharap kami sa isat isa. the table was kinda small and seriously good for only two person. he ordered steak and a beer, i ordered the sme thing.we talked a lot, i seriously had a connection with this man, it was rare for me to have a conversation that i was interested in, but with matt? he was sexy, witty and mysterious. full package kumbaga.

"Are you just gonna stare at me all night?" matt asked

"Sorry, was thinking eh"

"I hope it was about me, a sexy and naughty idea i hope?" he was shipishly grinnig while staring at me

"You'll have to find out then" i winked and laughed at the same time cause he was taken aback. he wasnt expecting for my response siguro

"You're such a tease jay" he rolled his eyes.

Then i had an idea, i removed my shoe. aimed for his cock. teasingly rubbed it. his eyes got big and he chocked on his beer

"Im not a tease jay. i have my moves, you see, im not your typical maria clara, di rin naman ako patira, i just know what i want and how i want it. so would you like to call the waiter and ask for our bill and get out of here?"

Without any response, he raised his right hand, called the waiter, asked for the bill. while i was still
rubbing his cock with my foot.

"Kanina ka pa may hard on no? wala ka bang pinipiling lugar?" i asked

"Im usually very composed jay, its just that youre very attractive and god, youre wearing that top, and you have no bra on." he said while wiping his sweat.

I guess my nipples were showing since i kinda got wet with the rain.the waiter came with his change, he fixed his clothes. i stood up and he held my hand and went out of the restaurant.

Pagdating namin sa kotse niya, i took my kimono off, set my hair aside so i could tease him some more. my nipples were hard and i can see it through my top. matt was staring at me, i was teasing a little bit more, i was licking and biting my lips, sinasalubong ko lahat ng titig niya, then ever so carefully, he grabbed my neck and kissed me. masarap humalik si matt. he licked my lower lip, took a not so soft bite, sucked on my lips, kissed, he explored my mouth with his tongue.his hand was on my waist, slowly aiming for my right boob, he started squeezing my breast, pinching my nipples, teasing me

"Hindi lang ikaw ang marunong magpainit jay.." then his right hand was inside my skirt, slowly parting my underwear, he was touching my pussy, feeling my wetness, I moaned. he grinned, then he started to insert one finger, he felt my warmth, "basang basa ka na pala, akala kopa naman ako lang ang nagpipigil" he was finger fucking my pussy inside his car. ungol lang ako ng ungol. he then inserted his second finger. he started to finger fuck me harder, i was pulling his hair, kissing him hard. bumukaka pa ako lalo, i couldnt contain myself. fetish ko ang finger fucking, he was teasing my clit aswell. then i was almost at my peak, he stopped! he fucking stopped. nginitian ako "baby, mamaya ka pa lalabasan. i want you to go crazy with me." he then fixed my clothes then drove off.

Tumigil kami sa harap ng bahay, not so big, not small. it was a beautiful house. simple pero maganda.
"i live here alone" it was as if he was reading my mind. he was holding my habd while we entered his place. malinis ang loob, sala pag pasok. kitchen sunod mong makikita, then he opened a door, it lead us to his master bedroom. white sheets, black walls. white blinds. wooden side tables. in short. it was my taste. its as if i designed the place.

I was observing his room when i noticed that he was on his boxers na lang. he slowly walked towards me. kissed my shoulder, removed my top. kissed my neck, tinali niya pataas ang buhok ko, he then suckled on my earlobes. I instantly got wet again, we walked towards his bed. hiniga niya ako sa kama, tinaggal skirt ko, i was just on my underwear, he then parted my legs, ever so slowly, he went down on me, he was kissing my pussy with my underwear on, he was rubbing my clit against my cloth, napaungol ako, napahigang tuluyan... he pulled down my underwear, dinilian niya kahabaan ko, he ate my pussy as if he didnt eat for months, ungol at pangalan niya lang nasasabi ko, he was finger fucking me while he was licking my cunt. i then had to stop him an dreturn the favor since i knew i was far from cumming, I sat on top of him, asked him to remove his boxers, he was big and hard, parang puputok yung titi niya sa tigas.

I sat on his throbbing cock, my pussy lips was hugging his cock. i started to move, ramdam na ramdam ni matt ang kabasaan ko, i was moving back and forth, teasing him, just letting him feel my warmth and juice, he was staring at me, ungol lang din ang lumalabas sa bibig ni matt, i started to move faster, back and forth, his cock wasnt inside me, it was like i was giving him a hand job. but instead of using my hand, i was using my pussy. "sige pa jay, bilisan mo pa" so i did. and when i saw that he was about to cum, i stopped. i went down on him and i started to lick his cock, i started giving him a blowjob, i was licking his head, body and his balls, i was giving him a deep throat. "fuck! tangina jay ang galing mo" right after he said that, he came, then i swallowed.

"Fucking hell jay, you're something. im still hard!" matt said.

"I'll take that as a compliment matt" then i started kissing him.

I was still on top of him, i was still wet and he was still hard, i slowly let him enter me, we were in a sitting position, naka indian sit siya, i was facing him, i felt his rock hard c... Read More

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