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His Love... On My 10th

July 7, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Since I know I could not finish the story that was supposed to be my 10th monthsary "entry" I decided to write this confession instead while someone was singing me a lullaby, thinking I was slowly drifting off to dreamland. Little did he know I was writing this piece in my notepad.

So here goes my not-so-erotic confession.

I know I've said but a few words about my relationship with him. Maybe because for the past weeks I didn't know where we were headed until after we met a few days before I flew back to where I am right now.

But let's not get to that part... Not yet...

How did I meet him?

It's been 66 days exactly today since I first "saw" him when he posted his first story, his own painful past. A not-so-distant heartbreak. And the hopeless romantic in me was touched by the poignancy of his memories. I couldn't help not to leave a comment. After all it was not just my eyes that became wet, I was also wet down there. Their sex scene inside the movie house was just too hot for my carnal senses to ignore.

Three weeks or so after that first encounter, I saw him active in the chatroom. The naughty side of me kicked in, I subjected him to the traditional chatroom hot-seat coupled with some "teasing" which I hadn't done in a long while.

And that was how we became "friends".

Three days after our chatroom encounter, he sent me a private message (PM), a simple query about one of the site's policies on posting a certain story. And that PM led us to become FB buddies, on our real FB accounts. Ayaw kasi nyang sa pseudo account ko sya sa FB i-add for the simple reason that he doesn't have one.

One of the things that I admire in him was his simple gesture of asking for my real name after he gave me his. Kokonti lang kasi ang lalaking ganun dito sa FSS, and I, for one, seldom ask for anyone's name, let alone from the male group. But when I do, it means you are someone I want to stay longer in my life, not just a passing fancy. For me kasi it is easier to forget someone if you don't know their real names, even if you get to see their faces, especially if you don't talk to them often.

On the very first day that we became FB buddies we had our first SOP (sex on phone) session. It was something I would never forget because of three main reasons: first, we chatted/talked for almost 10 hours, second, we both came 3 times and third, because of the first two reasons I had to take a half day sick leave which I hadn't done in almost a year.

Hindi ko alam kung anong meron sya pero sobra nyang ginising ang malibog na bahagi ng aking katawan. It was definitely my first na labasan ng tatlong beses sa isang magdamag, SOP palang. Malakas ang hatak ng boses nya, nakakalibog at kahit sinabi kong papakinggan ko lang sya habang sya'y nagpaparaos, in the end I found myself touching my already wet pussy.

Our SOP session didn't end there. If anything, naging nightly bonding na namin 'yon. At hindi pwedeng isa lang sa isang magdamag. Hindi naman ako naka-ginseng nun pero mabilis akong mag-wet.

Pero kung gaano ako kabilis mag-init sa kanya at gaano kabilis kaming labasan ganun din sya kabilis nawala sa akin. On our 4th night, he said goodbye, temporarily. Kung ano man ang rason ay sya lang ang talagang makakapag-explain kasi kahit ako I didn't fully understand his logic why he had to go away when we both know na mahal namin ang isa't-isa.

The only weird thing though was hindi naging kami nung time na 'yon. We were like virtual fuck buddies who loved each other but were not a "couple", if such partnership exists.

And so he said goodbye and his only promise was he was coming back but a bigger part of me didn't believe him.


Because in my own guiding principle you won't leave the one you love knowing it's gonna hurt them unless your reasons were bigger than life itself. And I couldn't even understand his reasons. But I couldn't stop him from leaving so I just did what every broken-hearted girl would normally do, cry hard on the first day he was gone.

"Mahal? Gising ka pa?" Hindi ko napansin huminto na pala sya sa pagkanta.

"Ayy... Sorry, mahal, nagsusulat ako ng confession. Mukhang di ko kasi matapos ang story kaya eto nalang ang i-post ko pang-10th monthsary "entry"."

"Ano ba 'yan? Akala ko nakatulog ka na. Natahimik ka na eh."

"Sorry naman. Gusto ko lang kasing magsulat pero antok na nga ako. Parang di ko din matatapos to."

"Matulog ka nalang muna, mahal. Kakantahan kita uli."

"Okie....Nite, mahal."

"Nite, mahal."

Pumikit na ako as the lyrics, "It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart........." filled my sleepy soul.

"I love you, mahal." Was the last thing I heard before I finally drifted off to zzland.

Well, obviously I wasn't able to finish this last night, nakatulog eh :D

So I'll try to end this before my 10th flips the next page to my 11th ;)

Looking back, I had the most colorful and emotions-filled 10 months of my life since I signed up here.

On my 5th, I laid down almost everything I had gone through from day 1 till day 150.

I was so in love on my 6th but was left broken on my 7th.

Was still wallowing on my 8th but already started flirting with a special friend.

Fell in love again as I was nearing my 9th but I cried myself to sleep on the very night of my 9th monthsary and cried even harder the morning after.

Today is my 10th and obviously I am in love, still in love with the same guy who left me in tears that Saturday night after we "made love" 30 days ago.

How is it possible? Well that is something I am going to share with you soon, kapag hindi na ako busy sa work ;)

And to the one person who has been singing to me his own version of lullabies since I came back fro... Read More

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