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She was stretched out on the bed stark naked.  Her sight masked by a black scarf blindfold.  Her hands tied to the bedposts.

He stared for a moment at the sight before him. Everything about her screamed of sex.  Her smooth, waxed pussy gleamed with the fine sheen of her arousal already seeping out between her thighs. A goddess – she was his sex goddess.

He was positive she knew the potent effect she had on men — him most importantly —given the way that she lay on the bed with a slight arch to her back emphasizing the slenderness of her ribcage and the small circumference of her waist and perfectly showcasing her breasts to hungry eyes – his hungry eyes.

“Who’s there?” She sensed his presence.

He sat on the bed and traced the outlines of her lips. He wanted to kiss those lips and bite them.

“Please…” She begged. “Please let me go.” There was fear in her voice. His cock hardened at the way she sounded.

He was tempted to rip the blindfold off her face so that he could watch her quivering and see her eyes grow big as she begged him.

He stood up and proceeded to tie her ankles. She was pleading. In tears, she was in tears now. He loved it. He knew it was perverted. But he loved that she was pleading; that she was begging; that she was crying.

He smiled. He was going to enjoy this.

And he vowed she will enjoy what he is going to do to her before the night ends.

She was spread-eagled on the bed. His bed. She looked like she belonged there.

He was staring at her pussy now. He admired the plump lips of her labia. He slipped one finger into her wetness and moved it slowly into her.

She gasped, and he felt her muscles clench around his fingers. He felt her wetness.

He smiled. He was right. This little bitch is aroused.

He slipped his finger out of her pussy and tasted her – flicking his tongue on the finger that he used on her. Sweet. She tasted sweet.


Two hours ago…

“Right on time.” He said to himself as he saw a woman get off the elevator and walk her way around the parking level.

He was conveniently parked right next to her car. He had been stalking her for weeks. He vowed he will have her, and tonight is the night.

He went out of his car just in time as she neared hers. She was wearing a red short dress in a flimsy material that perfectly fitted her and showcased her assets. But he knew she will look better naked.

He held the white cloth in his hands. This is it.

“Excuse me, Miss?” He watched as she turned and looked his way.


Two-and-a-half hours later

Scared. She was scared shitless. She hated being powerless. She was abducted. His voice sounded familiar, but she couldn’t place the face and the voice together.

Will he kill her after he had his way with her? She doubted he will let her go.

But the worst part of it all was that she was turned on. She had never been at the mercy of a man before – sexually that is. This is something new for her.

Oh she had lovers in the past, but she didn’t know she had it in her to like being tied.

Knowing she was this exposed to him, she wanted to beg him to suck her nipples, to feel his fingers inside her pussy again, and to feel his tongue on her clit.

When one finger went inside her a few minutes ago, it almost made her come right then and there. How much pleasure would two or three fingers give her? Or even his tongue? Or his cock?

She felt herself blush at her thoughts. She almost laughed. Imagine her, tied to the bed by a stranger. She should be begging for him to let her go not thinking lewd, dirty thoughts.

She felt his tongue lave her nipple and almost moaned.

Excited, she was excited. She couldn’t deny the fact that she was. Her pussy’s wetness couldn’t deny that fact.

She was eager to feel his breath on her skin. She was ready. So very ready.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked her. His voice thick was with lust, as he moved his searing lips to her other breast.

She moaned in response. Her lips and tongue were unable to form words as he found the tips of her sensitive areolas.  The faint stubble on his chin scraped the delicate undersides of her breasts and his fingers lightly ran down her belly.

Oh god, she thought, how long has it been since she was last fucked? Has it really been that long?

“Should I taste your pussy?” he murmured into her stomach.  He dropped his lips to her belly and licked a path between her ribs.

She tried to arch her pelvis into his hand, but she was so tightly tied she couldn’t move more than an inch.

“Do you want my mouth and my tongue?”

He dipped his tongue into her belly button, and she whimpered.  Hot liquid flooded her cunt at the thought of his mouth coming down over her pussy at the thought of his tongue lightly flicking at her clit.

She trembled with anticipation, as his teeth nipped at her lower belly.  She knew her newly waxed pussy was glistening with her come, and she wanted him to taste it.

His tongue found the opening of her slit. It slid warm and found its way to her engorged clit. Flicked at it once.

She moaned.

Flicked at it twice this time.

She shook with pleasure.

He was separating her stretched lips even further with his fingers, and his tongue slid into her and stroked her walls.

“Oh god!” She was on the verge of her best orgasm ever. Almost there. She was almost there.

Suddenly, a blast of cold air covered her body.

He must have stood up.  “Please,” she begged.

And she wanted to stop herself. She wanted to hate herself for being his slave. But she had to come. She was close.

“I’m so close.” Her voice sounded like a whisper.

She hated the sound of her beseeching voice. 

She was begging him to finish her off.

And he could fuck her for days, in any way he wanted, if only he would let her explode against his tongue.

She heard him undo the buckle on his belt.

Is he going to fuck her now? She held her breath and was waiting for the sound of his zipper.

She almost panted in anticipation of feeling his cock inside her. Is he big? Is he going to fill her pussy?

“It can be painful to be so close to getting what you want and then having it ripped away, don’t you think?” His voice was deep but soft, almost a caress.

What can she say to that? She was begging him to release him earlier. Now she’s begging for a different kind of release. How ironic!

She felt something cold and metallic sweep up the inside of her leg, from her ankle, past her calf, then knee, and up the moist, sensitive skin on her inner thigh.

She whimpered and bit the inside of her lip.  His belt buckle.

Maybe he was just going to tease her for a little while longer, she thought.

Maybe he didn’t want her to come until he had worked her up into a fever pitch?

Less than an inch from the folds of her pussy, he repeated his actions on her other leg.  From ankle, to calf, to knee, to thigh.  

And she knew that if the belt buckle so much as flitted across her clit she would come.

“Don’t stop there,” she implored him.

“Just another inch or two higher.”

But instead of giving her what she wanted, instead of the feel of cool metal dragging over her clit, she heard the belt crash loudly against the floor

“No,” she cried.

“I can’t wait any longer,” she said. She was no longer caring how pathetic she sounded, but she was so turned on.

She was sure she’d never been more ready for a man’s cock or a man’s fingers or a man’s tongue.

“Patience,” He said. “Don’t you know that patience is a virtue?”

She barely heard his words.  She could’ve sworn she heard the sound of his zipper.

She felt her pussy cream some more in excitement.

She was absolutely certain that he was finally about to give her what she needed—a good, hard fucking and maybe with his lips sucking at her tingling nipples while he thrust in and out of her.  She was offering herself to him. Offering herself to her captor. How could he resist everything that she was offering?

She waited impatiently. What is he planning on doing to me?  Why won’t he fuck me?

She shivered as her fear returned again – a mixture of fear and ever-growing excitement. Her nipples puckered even tighter into rigid buds.

She felt him climb in the bed. She felt him straddle her body. He was naked now.

Oh how she longed to have her hands free to take his cock. She wanted to feel his length. She wanted to run her thumb over it. She wanted to guide it to her lips and taste him, licking his cock head, and slowly sucking it in between her lips until he groaned with pleasure.

She wished her hands were untied. Not because she wanted to get away from him but because she was imagining all the pleasures she could give him with her hands.

And then his hands came around the outside of her breasts and she moaned. She was delirious with pleasure just to have his hands on her.

Suddenly, a new heat seared her flesh in the deep valley between her breasts, and she moaned, “Oh god yes,” in rapture.

He stilled the slow thrust of his penis between her tits, probably judging her response.

“No, don’t stop. Please.”

She guessed it was what she was waiting for because he then resumed his progress until his cock lay safely nestled between her breasts. The smooth, wet head of his penis pushed up into her chin.

He pushed her boobs harder and harder against his cock, as his breathing grew harsher, as he twirled and pinched her stiff nipples between his fingers, she felt that she was nearly there.

A low roar emerged from his throat.  He plunged into her breasts with several long, hard strokes.  She felt warm, thick come bathe her neck and the tops of her breasts.

She almost wanted to moan in protest. She wanted his cum on her mouth. She wanted to taste him but the sensation of having his cum all over her skin was enough to drive her into a sort of frenzy. She was nearly there – nearly reaching an orgasm that needed no lips, no tongue, no fingers, and no cock to help it explode into a million pieces.


He just came. He looked at his semen on her breasts. She was heaving underneath him. He knew she wanted him to cum in her mouth, but he didn’t give in.

Later. Much, much later she will have the pleasure.

He wiped the mess he made on her chest with a white towel.

He looked down on her and just stared. He wondered what was going through her mind right now.

Beautiful – there is no other way to describe her.

And because he couldn’t resist himself and because he had been wanting to kiss her, he brought his mouth down to hers and kissed her. Hard.

She kissed him back. She sucked the moisture off his tongue. Her nipples seemed like sharp points against his chest.  He groaned into her mouth, and the sound merged with her own moan of pleasure. His cock moved in response to her moan.

It took everything he had in him to pull back from her mouth.  He wanted to devour the woman – to own her body and soul.  He had never reacted to any woman like he reacted to this one. His cock liked her too much.

He focused his attention on her tits. The brown tips were puckered up tight, and he drew his mouth to them.  He sucked at one breast and with his other hand he plumped and caressed the other one.

He couldn’t believe just how horny he was.

“You’re a witch,” he growled. He was feeling as if she had put him under a deep, dark spell and she controlled his cock completely. The witch! She deserved to be burned! Ah but he was burning... burning with his desire for her.

“More.  Give me more.” She pleaded.

He wondered if he should undo the bindings on her hands, wondering what magic she would work with those fingers on his body. He wondered how her hands would feel on his cock.

No, he would keep her wrists tied up. For now.  He liked knowing that she was fragile and that she depended entirely on him and his whims – his sexual whims.

Even more so, he had a feeling that much of her arousal stemmed from the fact that she was a prisoner to him and that she was bound.

“Let me taste you, please.”

She was asking. No, begging him. She was offering her mouth.

His cock moved and throbbed obviously excited at the idea. His precum was glistening on its head.

He gave in.

“Very well then.”

He guided his cock to her lips.  Her tongue flicked at his cockhead and she tasted his precum. She moaned. He shivered.

And her mouth opened to take in his fully engorged head.

“Oh God,” he groaned as she licked and sucked at him, taking his cock deep down her throat.

“Mmmmnn” He filled her mouth. He was so big. He was so hard. She wanted to suck him until he exploded in his mouth.

He started moving and pumped her mouth back and forth on his cock.  She was sucking him greedily.

Dear God! Her mouth felt like a wet, tight pussy! And she knew how to work on her tongue. Who would’ve thought the little bitch is an expert cocksucker?

He was glad he picked her.

He reached out from behind him, and his fingers found her wet pussy ready between her legs.  He pushed his fingers in and out of her in the same rhythm that her mouth was sucking his cock.

His fingers found her clit and pinched at it. That earned an excited almost-scream from her, and she nearly jumped off the bed. It was a good thing that she was tied or she would’ve bucked him off of her.

Just a few more flicks and deep finger-fucks and he knew he could make her cum. He wanted to cum in her mouth. So badly but he decided differently.

“Whoa there, my little cocksucker.” He moved his hips backward and withdrew his cock from her mouth.

He smiled and noted her look of surprise on her face with what he did. She bobbed her head forward and he knew she was reaching for his cock with her mouth.

“You can suck my cock more later.”

“I…” She was breathless. “don’t… understand…”

“What don’t you understand?”

“Don’t you want to come in my mouth?” She asked him.

“I have a better idea.” He said. He moved and changed positions and settled himself between her wide-spread legs.

He leaned forward and studied her face.

God, she is really beautiful!

“This.” He growled. “I want this.” He said as he captured her mouth in an aggressive kiss. He knew he was hurting her, but she kissed him back with the same intensity. He ripped off her blindfold as he mounted her. He was desperate to see her pupils dilate and contract when her orgasm ripped through her.

He surged into her, hard and long.  She almost screamed with surprise at the sudden pussy assault. He knew he was big, and he could be hurting her, but her pussy welcomed him just the same. She didn’t even blink or closed her eyes. She looked at him as he was looking at her.

He finally got what he had been longing for from the very first moment he first laid eyes on her. He felt her muscles clench around him, and he knew. He knew that she was going to come, and he also knew that he was about to explode in her tight, hot pussy.

He wanted to prolong the pleasure. He stilled and pulled his cock out of her until just the head rested against her folds.

“No…” She raised her hips in an attempt to get his cock back into her.

“No… Please…”

“No what?” He moved slowly inside her and withdrew his cock in one swift motion. She sighed.

“Don’t stop fucking me.” Her eyes pleaded. But he won’t give in just yet.

“Tell me, you’re my whore.”


“You heard me.”

“I’m….” She started softly.

“What? I can’t hear you.”

“I’m your whore.” Louder this time and this made him smile.

With a groan, he bit her shoulders and slowly slid into her snug, wet canal. He didn’t have to tell her twice. She repeatedly was saying she was his whore while he was fucking her.

She cried out her release. He reached for a nipple and sucked and bit on it hard as his cock exploded into her.


She woke up and noted the darkness of the room. Her pussy was sore. She smiled. The kind of sore that her pussy just needed.

So she was free—her hands and feet were no longer tied.

She noted the sleeping man beside her. He looked so angel-like as he slept. She wanted to badly to kiss his forehead and comb her fingers through his hair but she stopped herself. No, it is not her place. She knew her place.

Last night was one of those play nights they have regularly. Role playing had always been their thing. Last night, she played the abductee and admittedly she played it well. She knew how he loved being in control, and he knew how she loved being dominated.

She was a sub, and he is just the perfect dom for her.

He knew what she wanted. He knew what she craved for.

The cravings of a submissive woman are, in the end, easily explainable.  To stop thinking, to stop worrying about facades and pretenses, to stop wondering what is expected, what is right, and what is wrong.

To simply be chosen.  Through this simple fact, to know that you do have worth in the eyes of whoever picked you, regardless of what they impose on you.  To feel the power of one’s Master/Dom wash over her. To just forget oneself. To just exist in the moment. To just feel.

She is one real lady. She is polite and classy. She dresses well. She is funny and a great company. She is cultured. She speaks well on a variety of subjects. Anyone who ever meets her cannot help but be impressed by her. Because she is a real lady.

What people don’t know about her is how hard she grabs his head and pulls his hair when he puts his mouth between her legs.  People would cringe if they saw how she attacks his cock with her eager mouth.  Some women would probably faint if they heard the things coming out of her mouth when he fucks her from behind.  No doubt other people would call her a slut if they saw how she likes to work her clit with all kinds of toys.  Others would be calling for therapy if they got a glimpse of her lapping up cum dripping off his cock.

But why would she care? All that matters is her Master.

She knew he liked it when she’s being a real lady. But he loves it even more when that lady turns dirty. She’s just the perfect balance that he needed, wanted, and owned.

“Who do you belong to?”  He questioned softly into my ear.

Ah so her master is awake.

“You…”  She whispered back.  She began to slide her hands between their bodies, wanting to touch him, but he stopped her.  Grasping both wrists in one of his strong hands, he held them above her head and nuzzled her neck with his unshaven jaw and chin.

“Only to me.  That is right.  And I will have ALL of you.”  He shifted his body still holding her wrists.
“I’m hungry.” He told her matter-of-factly.

“You are? Want me to prepare something?”

He ran his other hand down her stomach to cup the warmth between her legs. “I’m only hungry for one thing. And I mean to take it… now.”

At first her brow furrowed in confusion even as his fingers slipped smoothly into the warmth that his cock had just possessed hours ago.  And she immediately felt new stirrings at his touch. His fingers retreated and went inside her again. Setting a rhythm. She was slick with her fluids.

He wanted her pussy. He’s hungry for her pussy.

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