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HIM & HERThey have loved each other for a long time but neither of them knew what the other one felt.

One night, fate brought them together and each of them decided to take their friendship to another level.


He has loved her all his life.

They have known each other since they were children.  They have often joked how they were unrelated cousins.  And he has always been real protective of her, always around when she needed him, her knight in shining armor, her shoulder to cry on – and he vowed he’d always be with her forever… because he loved her.

He watched as other guys fawned and flocked over her for years.  He was jealous all right because he knew he loved her more than they ever could, but he never did had the balls to tell her that.  Until now that is.  Tonight she will be coming over his place for their weekend dinner date, and tonight he will tell her he loved her.

The meal's ready.  The strawberry margaritas set.  He heard the doorbell rang and took a deep breath, “This is it.”


“Tonight’s the night.”  She told herself as she stood outside his apartment door.

She straightened her dress for the umpteenth time.  She bought this strapless black jersey handkerchief dress thinking about him so it is fitting that she wear it tonight – the night of reckoning.  She knew when he saved her from being trapped perched up a tree when she was 3 that he was for her.  The hero worship turned into love over the years.

She jealously watched the girls coming in and out of his life but relished on the fact that she was the only girl constant in his, albeit the friendship.  But tonight – tonight, she is taking chances and taking that giant step.  “I can do this.”  Her long finger shaking as she rang the bell.


The moment he opened the door he knew she would look breathtaking.  “Wow, you look great!”  He couldn’t help himself say.  She noted how she blushed but heard her mutter her thanks.

She handed her the red wine she brought with her.  “Oh, I told you not to bring wine.  We’re having margaritas.”

“Margaritas?  Now that’s a first.  You’re not trying to get me drunk, are you?” She asked him with a smile, to which he replied with a wink, “Well, maybe I want to and find out all of your secrets.”


Was he flirting?  She asked herself.

She almost dropped her mouth when he told her he wants to know all her secrets.  Luckily, he turned his back at her.  Could it just be her imagination or does it feel like something’s about to change tonight?  Her senses are telling her something has changed.  That he somehow is acting differently.  But it could be that she is also blinded by the love she feels for this man – her best friend.  She’s just nervous as she is about to take that blind leap tonight and see what’s in store for them both.


Two hours later, they had moved from the kitchen to the living room.

She was sitting next to him.  He could smell the intoxicating perfume she wore that titillated his senses and his other parts – big, manly parts.  She had always had that effect on him.  They both had their feet propped on the coffee table – his big size 12s to her size 8s.  Her eyes sparkled while she talked about a scene from a movie she saw recently.  And then she licked her lower lip and that almost made him groan out loud.  He followed the movement of her tongue and just sat there entranced by the sight of her tongue flitting out over her fuller bottom lip.  His dick hardened at the thought of her using that mouth and tongue on him.  He shifted a bit on his seat.


He was sitting next to him.  If only he would put an arm around her, she thought.  She was nervous, and she talks a lot when she is nervous.  And he was looking at her.  That look – she has been dreaming of having him look at her like that for years.  That boyish looks of his makes her knees go weak.  She absentmindedly licked her lips and relished at the reaction she saw.  She did it again and actually saw him squirm in his seat.  “Now this is interesting,” she thought as she planned her next move.

She leaned closer, placed her hand on the back of his couch, then lifted her leg over him and straddled his lap.  He almost pushed her off as he was caught off guard by her bold move.

“Cozy,” was all she could muster to say as she smiled devilishly.


“Oh, god!” was all that was running through his mind.  She took him by surprise when she straddled him.  The wet heat emanating from her pussy warmed his dick that it throbbed and got even bigger.

He heard her gasp and laugh teasingly, “Is this for me?”  Her lips were within inches of hers wanting him to go and have a taste.

When she spoke, the arousal deepened her voice.  He felt his blood pumping as she leaned closer.


For half a second, her brazen attitude fizzled and held her immobile.  What if she had been reading all the signs wrong?  What if the alcohol had gotten into her head?  Could she have made a bigger fool of herself just because she loved him?

She felt him shift and his hardened shaft brushed against her clit.  They both sucked in a quick breath.


His hands went to her hips and pressed her closer to his hardness.  She threw her head back as he slowly moved her back and forth across his cock.  He loved this woman, and tonight he will show her just how much.

He slid his hands from her hips.  She is moving to her own rhythm now, rubbing her wetness against his hard cock.  One hand reached up to tangle in her hair while the other braced her back.  He bent his head and nuzzled her breasts.


She felt him trying to undo her bra with one hand and felt him succeed.  He removed her bra.  Her nipples hardened through the fabric of her dress.  He looked up at her, held her gaze as his mouth closed over one hard nipple.  She gasped almost wanting to close her eyes for the feel of it.  She couldn’t look away.  His eyes hot with desire – desire for her.  The man she loves desires her.

She closed her eyes and moaned out his name.  He didn’t say a word but moved from one breast to the other giving it the same treatment as the other.  His hands slid down his back and cupped her ass.  He pulled her closer, grinding his erection against her.  She gasped at the closer contact.

She let her hands fall between their bodies and she touched the front of his pants.  She wondered how that would feel inside her.


He followed suit.  Now he had both of his hands parting her thighs wide.  One finger found her clit and he started rubbing on it – over her panties.

He heard her groan, “Oh!”

“Feels good?”  He asked.  He saw her nod.  He was able to enter one finger through the side of her panties.  “You are so wet baby.”  He whispered.  She gasped and he didn’t stop.  Her hips rocked as he started a slow, thrusting rhythm with his finger, hooking it so that it rubbed against her inner wall.

She was frantically moving her hips now, following the rhythm of his finger in her pussy.


“I’m getting close.”  She whispered in between breaths.  He was doing wonders with his fingers.  His fingertip now pressed around her spot, going round and round while his thumb while his thumb played with her clit at the same time.

“Like it?”  He asked.

“Yes,” came the throaty reply.  She didn’t even recognize her own voice.

“Come for me baby.”  He whispered.  That was all it took.  Her back arched.  Her mouth opened on a shout that echoed throughout the room.  She tightened around his finger and came.  A lot.


She came.  A lot.  He reveled at that fact.

He let her catch her breath and waited until her breathing slowed down to its normal rate.  “Now how about we get naked?”  He inquired.  She looked at him at first before she said, “Yes.”

He helped her to get back on her feet and started taking his clothes off and left nothing.  She turned her back at him and started to take her tube dress off when he stopped her, “No, let me do that for you.”  He was right behind her.  He kissed her left shoulder and she felt his hands reach for the hem of her dress and slowly take it off her.  He felt her shiver as she stood there with just her panties on.  “Cold?  I’ll warm you up.  He said as he pulled her closer to him.

“Nothing beats body heat.”  She said in a low voice.

She turned to face him put her arms around his neck and tiptoed up to kiss him.  She nibbled at his lips and ran her both her hands to his chest stopping at his flat nipples.  She thumbed both the nipples and heard him groan.  She then let one hand fall and closed her fingers over his naked flesh.  This time he let out a hissing sound.

“Stop or you’re going to make me explode.”  He told her as he removed her hand from his cock.  “You are so beautiful… so sweet and so sexy.”  He knelt and removed her soaked panties but instead of tossing it aside he held it up to his nose and inhaled slowly and deeply.  “Hmm.  Smells good.”


Still on his knees, he stroked her hands down her inner thighs.  Thinking he meant to stroke or finger her, she parted her legs slightly.  She was stunned when he leaned forward and began planting kisses on her pussy.  She has never had that done to her before!  None of her lovers had ever kissed her pussy and the sensations his mouth aroused in her are incredible!

He touched the tip of his tongue to her clit and flicked at it and she felt a bolt of pure lust through her.  She moaned, loud and she felt her body tremble.  He licked at her pussy, dipped the tip of his tongue inside her, at the top of her cunt.  He felt her knees quiver as she let out another load moan.

“Like that?”  He asked.

“Oh my god!  Yes.”  She said almost breathless.

He inserted two fingers inside her and fucked her pussy with it while he kissed and nipped at her clit.

“Oh my god!”  She couldn’t think straight.  That tongue.  Those fingers.  It’s driving her crazy!  She felt her juice flow over his fingers.

“I want you inside me.”  It was a plea.


He heard her plea.  He planted a final kiss and lick to her sweet pussy and rose to his feet.  “I have been wanting to do this for a long time.  You invaded my dreams every night.”  The tip of his tongue touched sensitive skin beneath her ear and his hands cupped her breasts.  “You are so beautiful.  So smooth.”  Using his thumbs, he rotated each nipple.

She moaned as he started sucking each of her nipples.  She cupped his face, urging him to take more of her flesh.

She shivered.  He doubted it was a shiver from being chilled.  No, it was a shiver of erotic anticipation.  He carried her to his bedroom.  Once in his bedroom, he laid her down on the bed, arranging pillows behind her head until she looked comfortable.  And then he was crawling over her and she was reaching for him.

Oh god!  All he wanted to do was shove himself deep inside of her and never come back out.  But he could hurt her and he didn’t want to hurt her.  He loved her too much!


His cock posed at her slick opening.  Finally, she will finally get to take him inside her.  The whole length of him – this man that she loved.

She moved beneath him and shifted her hips up to try to take him inside.  She closed her eyes in anticipation – in anticipation of his cock finally enveloped inside her wetness.  He braced himself above her and she heard him say, “Look at me.”  Her eyes flew to his.  She studied him for a moment.  He was as breathless as she was.

“Take me.  I’m yours for the taking.”  She boldly told him.  She saw what she thought was a flicker of triumph in his eyes.

“We’re going to do this slow, Joie.  Slow and easy.”  She could tell he was fighting for control, and she did the next best thing she knew she must do, she bucked her hips forcefully up into him.

She heard him suck in a hard breath as his head pushed into the slick heat.  She tried to close her eyes loving the intense feeling of his cock sliding in deep inside of her inch by inch, but he needed her to keep them open so that he could watch her.  He was big, filling every space inside her wet pussy.  She closed her eyes again and let out a low moan.


She was small and tight.  So perfect.  “Open for me, sweetheart.”  He saw her eyes flew open, wide and stunned.  It sounded so natural coming out of his lips.

He watched as she slowly smiled and he found himself reaching up and brushing his fingers against her beautiful face.

He felt it then, the gentle easing of her inner muscles.  As he bent down to press his lips against her, he slowly moved deeper.  He took her gasp of pleasure inside his mouth as further and further he went, feeling her widen her leg beneath him even further until she had taken more than half of his cock.

He needed to stop.  He needed to take control.  He needed to make sure that he is not hurting her, but for the first time in his life, he felt he was out of control.  He needed to be in her.  All of him inside to the hilt, no matter what.


Her ankles came around his hips and she whispered, “I want all of you.”  And she pushed his hips hard into hers with her legs.

They both moaned in pleasure at the closer contact.  She could feel her insides holding his erection so tightly.

They kissed again.  This time hungrily.  And as she pushed her tongue against his mouth, he thrust himself all the way into her.

Finally!  She closed her eyes and felt him.  Everything was perfect.  This was perfect.

“You’re beautiful.”  He said against her lips, before taking them in a quick, hard kiss.

“So are you.”  She told him.  “Don’t stop what you’re doing.”


Pulling back from her mouth, he looked at her.  He had to see this woman who was taking him all in.

Her eyes flew open and she looked at him as in wonder, her pupils dilated with pleasure, and she was so beautiful.  So incredibly beautiful.  And he vowed to make her his.

Not able to take his eyes from hers, moving as slowly as he could with the blood boiling in his veins, he began the slow slide back and then forward again.

He has never felt pleasure like this.  He looked at her and he knew there was a place inside for him in her soul because he swore that’s what he sees when he looks into her eyes.


He moved his hands quickly over her sweet breasts pinching her rock-hard nipples, down across her belly and back over to her mound.

Her clit was a hard nub against his fingers.  He flicked at it, and she cried out his name and arched into his mouth.

This time, she felt her inner muscles tighten on his cock as she circled in on her orgasm.  Any moment now.


He felt the rapid spasming of her vaginal muscles clamping down on his cock a split second before her cry of pleasure sounded into the room.

“Ohhhh, Joie!”  She was tight.  She was even tighter and hotter and wetter now than she was a few minutes ago.  He felt he just couldn’t hold back this time.

Letting loose all the pent up lust and love he felt for her, he drove himself into her high and hard!


She was still coming.  Her muscles grasped at him as he thrust into her again and again and again.

She squeezed her eyes shut as she took everything he gave her and somehow she managed to give it back in equal measure.

“Harder.  Please.  Harder.”  Her hands gripping his shoulders tightly, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.


He moved swiftly.

He took her ankles in his hands and pushed her legs up high so that they were resting on his shoulders.  This position providing an even deeper penetration.  He could actually feel his cockhead pushing against her womb.

He was right there.  About to shoot his load into the woman he loved when he saw moisture coming o... Read More

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