April 21, 2015 (3 years ago)
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I was compelled to rant about a few of my friend's dilemma and so is mine. A few years ago I created three dummy fb acct and one dummy tumblr acct...mainly for security reason. Not that I have celebrity status so to speak. Let's just say the norms of society would deem me unfit for my line of work and I could be banned in worse case scenario (I am an educator by profession) so basically I have to filter everything and take note of every like and posts. Its a weird feeling that I feel "caged up" in my official and real fb or other "real"accts. I am now having login problems due to incorrect passwords (am only human...its hard to memorize so many usernames and passwords). But using my dummies...has given me the freedom to say anything I like. Post and like photos as a sign of my open-mindedness (nudity, sensual and erotic stories).

My family does not know about this. My special someone does not know of this (feel really guilty). I just don't where to start because I want him to know. I want to share this openess with him.

And I'm thankful to a handful of friends and aquaintances who have accepted me for who I am. And some of the... Read More

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