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October 21, 2013 (4 years ago)
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.Hi Fss.

Hi my name is Elle you can read right Im a lady i think but still have childish act..! haha i just know the blog by my beautiful little fucker cousin.!hi there my cousin haha.. so i want to confess ..!!
that IM CERTIFIED READER  of books and other story site but this is my first time to do this alone haha..XD
i like reading non teen stories but its a secret.!so shhh..only my three years younger fucker cousin know this.!! i watch non teen but im not that fun of watching so it make me if its live show it exciting to watch i guest .i like BDSM stands for Bondage/Domination/Sadist/Masochist. \m/.^_^.\m/ really..! and i think its exciting to do.! haha i thinking being a Dom and still waiting of my Sub.:).. Im adventurous i like the quote."Go lang ng Go.?" haha .. I dont like a filthy man, HIV positive peace with the HIV.sorry.u_u and Im a English speaking person but i know to speak Tagalog fluent haha because Im a Pilipino.? Im just comfortable speaking English because i release my stress in it.!n_n.V.
Im easy to be friend like equation in math like A less than B ..:D


I L-O-V-E vulgar and F words.and im usin... Read More

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