Her Smile

June 8, 2015 (2 years ago)
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As I saw her smile there's serenity,
It's like I'm cradled for all eternity.
But I also see what she kept hidden,
All the sadness and the burdens.

She is a star I wish I could take,
For she is rare and for keepsake.
Her personality warm and immense,
And her love is true and intense.

She is an angel sent from above,
And the reason I express my love.
She is everything I want and need,
In every song and books I read.

All I can do was just sit and stare,
As I stutter and say a prayer.
I pray that no one will make her sad,
For I for one will feel really bad.

I'm maybe miles away from her,
But I will always gonna be there.
To always put a smile on her face,
And wipe her tears without a trace.

I promise to be her dream catcher,
To chase away her every n... Read More

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