Her Awakening

July 18, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Her Awakening“And now, following many conversations,
you’re vastly awake and holding your fingers between your legs
 and wanting to feel again the spark you lost so long ago.
 You throb, so hot, needing, wanting, the desire is there
but your fingers are just not enough.”

- The Bride Stripped Bare

You have ruined me.

I no longer want tender moves.

I do not want sweet blissful kisses dancing across my skin.

I do not want your hand to tenderly stroke my face as you sensually devour my body.

I have had that.

But it no longer aroused me.

It no longer gets me off.

It no longer makes me scream and cream.

Deep down… I knew what I truly desired but I have never spoken these desires out loud.

I want to feel you dominate me. Control me.

I want you to take me. All of me. In every possible way.

I want you to strip me down on the bed.

I want my hands tied up to the posts and rendered useless, helpless, immobile.

I want my body pinned under yours. To feel the weight of you on top of me. Your erection pressing into me.

I want your knee between my legs prying them open whether I’m ready or not.

I want to feel your mouth rough against my lips.

I want your mouth on my breasts, my nipples hard at just the thought of you, then peaking at the touch of your mouth, your tongue.

I want you to sink your teeth on my skin, branding me, making me yours.

I want your hands devouring me, taking control of me, owning me, letting me know you’re in control.

As you slide yourself into me, I want your hands in my hair, grabbing, pulling, jerking.

A hand around my throat - gently at first and then later, more harder.

After all these years, I am finally aware of what I am at my core.

Aware of what I want, aware of what turns me on.

I am me and I am a sub at heart.

I want to be dominated… and I know you would.

So take me.

I'm yours.

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