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April 15, 2015 (3 years ago)
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"Welcome to KL, love" This was Harry's message that greeted me in whats app as soon as I landed in KL airport.

His message made me smile.  Napansin ko lang nagiging mas madalas na yong mga messages nya. This was definitely an improvement from previous months.  While I was in Philippines, he sent me a cute message which, when stripped of few words, said that I made him happy and that from strangers one day, we've become friends and he is looking forward to a phase in our lives where we can walk together forever, if not in this lifetime, then maybe in another life.  Naks! Parang chain letter lang.  He is really sweet and decent man (ako lang naman yong exhibitionist, poor guy!). 

"Happy to be back, baby."  

"And mom?", was the first question he asked. Maybe he was hoping that I was alone.

"She's with me, Darls." I answered.

"Ohhhh wow "  was his response.  I wasn't sure if that's what he felt, when I first mentioned this to him, he immediately noted that we couldn't have sex at my place while mom's with me.

"So how do you plan to take out the heat?", he asked.

"I don't know, baby. It doesn't matter since you are not in KL, anyway." 
I asked him to wait for me before I left, but I am not sure where he was at that moment.  His flight schedule is crazy.  

"I am still in KL now and tomorrow."

"Ohh (I was pleased), shall I see you tomorrow Darls?" excited na kagad ako.

"Are you sure baby? What about mom?"

"She is already 60 years old. You want me to take her along?"

"I didn't mean for that purpose, baby."

" I'm just kidding, Darls." with tongue out emoticon, followed by a flying kiss.

He responded by giving me a wink, then a flower icon.

The plan was for us to see one another at 9:30 pm the next day. May business dinner din kasi sya. Umaga pa lang tumawatag na sya sa akin. I was busy attending meetings.

"The vibrate feature is useless, if phone is far away.  Sorry, I missed your calls baby.", message ko na lang sa kanya.

"The vibration must be in a way that gives sensation to your pussy.", he replied. 

"Stop teasing me Darls. I can already feel some moisture between my legs and its only 10am!" pati mga utong ko naninigas na rin habang iniisip ko ang pagkikita namin. Hindi lang ako kilig mula ulo haanggang paa.  Super inspired ako sa pagkikita namin. 

At 7pm, I was very excited but at the same time I was worried about what he will think of my behavior.  Syempre a girl would want her man to respect her, maski papaano.

"Harry, do you think I am such a bad daughter because I can't take you and sex out of my head?"  I was overflowing with too much horniness! huh! :(

"No lah.  Be positive.  I'm sure mom will understand her daughter."

"Okay, babe whew!."

My mom moved like a turtle, by 9:20 we're still at the grocery, I was impatiently tapping my fingers while my mom couldn't decide to which fruit to purchase.  Binili ko na lang lahat ng napili nya para matapos na. Harry was already waiting at the hotel's parking area.  Sana maging filipino time naman sya paminsan-minsan.

Noong 9:38 na nagpaalam na lang ako na kailangan ko magskype sa labas kasi walang signal sa loob ng room.  Buti na lang di masyado techie mom ko naglalaro lang sya ng candy crush sa kabilang tablet.

Pagdating ko sa parking area, nakita nya kagad ako.  I approached his car, at kabado ako while I opened its door.  Puro malalaswa kasi laman ng utak ko.  Kahit paano, medyo nahihiya pa rin ako sa kanya.  He is the type who is always calm and collected, even under pressure. 

For some minutes nagtitigan na lang muna kami bago nya pinatakbo yong sasakyan. He looked cool and sensuously masculine.

"Baby, I missed you, I haven't seen you for a week."  naunahan na nya akong magsalita. 

I let my gaze travel from his face to the length of his body and legs.  Nakatingin lang sya sa akin na mukhang masaya kahit medyo pagod yong itsura nya from work. Nakauwi na pala sya from dinner at nakapagbihis.  " I missed you too."  My voice cracked a little.  I don't know but I was smitten with Harry,  I was just trying not to let it show.  It must be because of his eyes. They are soulful or the fact that he made me feel special when I am with him.  

Malapit lang naman yong place ni Harry sa place ko, wala pang 10 minutes nasa loob na kami ng unit nya.  Kinandong nya ako sa sofa ng nakaharap ako sa kanya, naghalikan kagad kami at nagyayakapan.  Mataas na kasi kagad yong temperature ko.

"You know babe, the GM in another department said that I looked ...  different.  He think that it must be because of some woman, he asked me to find a girlfriend for him too.  He is very rich Chinese man.  Do you have a friend who can be his girlfriend?  He just wants regular blow jobs every now and then.."  Toinks may networking din pala yong mga ganito. 

The feeling of being in love can really work wonder and inspire people.  They make people glow and radiate certain warmth and happiness.He couldn't be in love with me, could he?

"Darls, I don't know any Filipina in Malaysia.  Just tell him I will apply." then I busied myself trailing kisses on his jawline. 

"You don't even want to give blow jobs, baby!"  He was quick to remind me.

"Ohh! but I will be more flexible this time baby." I said pouting my lips prettily and my eyes can really be very expressive when I want them to.

"No babe, let's find someone else.  I won't give you to him.  If you become his girlfriend, I will be lonely."

"Don't be selfish lah, share your blessings.  Besides, I thought you said I should go out more and meet more people."  I can't stop myself from teasing him. 

Then his eye blinked and his lips broke to a sensuous smile when he realized that I was just teasing.  It was amusing to watch the change in his expression from trying to reason with me to a relaxed and happy man.

"No baby.  I love you so much.  I don't want you doing this with every guy you meet."

He reached for me again and succeded in undressing me.  Completely naked, I let my legs dangle on each side of his legs while I was sitting on his lap facing him. 

Binaba nya yong ulo nya at sinipsip ng malakas yong isang utong ko habang yong isang kamay nya ay parang na magnet na naman in between my legs.  Ipinasok nya sa loob yong isang daliri at inipit ko yong mapangahas na kamay nya. "Ohhh Babe..."

Noong pinakawalan ng labi nya yong kaliwa kong utong, nakita ko na mas humaba ito at namumula sa kakasip-sip nya. Then yong kabilang utong naman ang hinihila ng labi nya at sinipsip ng malakas.  "Babe..." 

My body arched involuntarily as a hungry slightly mature man feasted on me.  I gripped his back tightly.  I was panting and moaning quietly as the feeling of both love and lust overwhelmed me.  

Tapos hinahalikan nya yong balikat ko, dahan dahan paakyat sa leeg, hanggang sa likuran ng tainga. Nakiliti ako sa bigote nya. Then he claimed my mouth in an all consuming kiss.  I wrapped my legs around him and pressed my body closer to his. 

Kinarga nya ako at dinala sa kama.

"I don't even think where this will lead to.  I am just enjoying each time. You make me happy Antoinette.  I hope I made you happy too."  ang malambing nyang sabi sa akin.

Grabe wala ako masagot nakatingin lang ako sa kanya.  I wanted to tell him that I love him... that I wanted him to be mine. But I can't. 

"Baby, the last time, I needed you so much that I wanted to crush you, I want you to feel me but I am afraid I'd hurt you."  

I smiled when I remembered the last session he practically made my lips sore and swollen. I felt that he was trying to restrain himself so he won't drive too hard.

"Then take me as you would take a woman your size, I want to feel you too.  I want to feel all of you, Harry."

I watched him removed his clothes and placed them gently on the side.  I like watching him move.  He looked different that night as if i took the years away and made him look younger.  

Napalanghap ako at parang nakuryente noong ipinasok na nya yong titi nya sa lagusan ko. I had to spread my legs more to receive him fully. Busog na pussy ko sagad pa!

Medyo malalim ang lagusan ko and so far only two men have reached that end. Nanghihina na yong mga paa ko, para akong nawalan ng lakas na nakabukaka na lang sa kanya. Then I recovered my strength and started meeting him.  I forgot myself as I neared my climax. "oh baby, this feels soo good, ahhhhh. I love you! I love you! Ahhhhhhh!" Toinks! Tama ba naman mag declare ako ng pag ibig dahil sa sobrang sarap ng titi nya. Grrrr. 

My legs shook and I was jerking incontrollably as he continued to pound me and I had my orgasm. After few more thrusts I felt him withdrew abruptly, spilling some cum on my vulva. Pumunta kagad sya sa cr.

"I would have wanted you to come inside me, baby." I forgot how good a man cum would feel. I spread some of his cum on my pussy and mixed them with my juice. For a long time, I was only having sex with rubber. ... Read More

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