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November 8, 2014 (3 years ago)
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From the Chronicles of Antoinette

Hindi pa natapos ang Viet Nam assignment ko ng pinadala ako sa Malaysia.

When I arrived here, everything was arranged. All my schedule for meetings are set, etc.

Days turned quickly, that I also met a very friendly girl, Pilpi, who wants to travel with me in the taxi. Mahirap daw kasi mag travel mag isa sa taxi.

Hmmm medyo mahirap nga. One time I went in a taxi alone, na-traffic lumingon yong driver para tingnan ako. In a very bold move, he asked if he can shake my hand. I gave him my strong very relaxed hand. He kissed the top of my palm and told me he likes me.

'You are so very very very very very beautiful. Your face is so beautiful. If you want to see Malaysia, just give me a call and I will give you a tour for free. What is your schedule, I can fetch you every day? I really like you."

I am okay in my life, I did not contact the driver. Every morning, tahimik lang ako kumakain at mag isa lang sa table habang nanonood ng world news.

Buffet ang setting, but sometimes I dont know which food to pick or on how to combine the foods, one gentleman helped me.

So I smiled and thanked him politely. After breakfast I went on my way to go back to my room. I saw the gentleman again.

"I am not following you. I also stay in the same floor." sabi nya habang naglalakad kami to our rooms, which is quite far.

"Oh no worries." sa totoo lang nakalimutan ko na yong mukha nya if he did not say those words, I would not be able to relate that he is the same person who helped me earlier.

"So you work here?" tanong nya

"Hmmm only for a few months. How about you?". tanong ko naman.

"The oil company that I work for is nearby. If I have meeting here , I sometimes stay here, in this hotel."

"Oh wow" oil companies, fascinates me. But we already reached our rooms which just happened to be just two rooms apart.

"Okay, see you around."

"Yeah." I just smiled and went to my room.

Hindi ko na sya nakita ulit after that brief encounter. Then umuwi ako sa Philippines, pag balik ko ibang room na binigay sa akin.

Yesterday, nagtext si Pilpi na umuwi na daw kami. Sumabay na ako kay Pilpi bumaba which is just 1 km away from my hotel.

Yong restaurant nakahelera lahat at medyo high end. Naghanap ako ng food court. Type ko kasi yong nakikita yong pagkain bago bumili. Pero walang food court. So I walked from end to end then pumunta na lang ako sa resto na pinakamarami yong tao.

Doon ako sa end table kasi walang tao. Meron lang doon nakatayo na isang lalaki (matangkad sya) at he smiled at me. Nagsmile na rin ako sa kanya briefly at tumingin ulit sa menu (aha! not very familiar with malaysian food). Pagtingin ko sa kanya nagsmile sya ulit. So smile naman ako.

I pointed at the menu (to ask for assistance sana) but he misunderstood.

"I already had dinner."

"Oh okay. Problem is I dont know which food to choose, Im starving."

"Oh, (he pointed at the portion of the menu) that these are rice, these are bread, soup, are you looking for rice? There is a Filipino restaurant just at the corner of this street."

"Really, but it is already too dark and sky is raining, maybe tomorrow I will try to find that filipino restaurant."

"So you still stay at the hotel?" he asked

I gave him a puzzled look.  I never talk to anybody in the hotel (except for hotel employees). Then I recognized him! Nagtaka pala sya bakit ako nandun eh medyo malayo pa sa hotel yon. Sabi ko na lang sinamahan ko yong friend ko kasi gusto ko magtry kumain dito. Nagsawa na kasi ako sa chicken rice. I also told him of my plan to walk pauwi pag wala na yong ulan.

"It is not safe to walk at night. I have a car, well go to the hotel together. Eat, I will wait for you." nag browse lang sya while I ate in silence.

In his car, I realized that the reason he is there is that they have some contract signing with a client. It is a multi-million US dollar deal. Binigyan nya ako ng calling card.

"So what do you do exactly, you review contracts?" tanong ko sa kanya.

"No, we have people doing that for us. We only check and authorize the amount of the deal. When you are at the top, you have many people working for you."

"Oh.." cant relate much huwaa!

I have decided long ago that I am not a corporatey material. Im not very good at networking. I work silently, in my little corner, go home and sleep. But it looks like, he wanted to share how he reached the top, story of his life. Well I am a good listener.

"But what you can do to reach the top, depends on 4 things: Initiative, communicative, interactive, and accessible/flexible." (according to him hindi kasama doon ang intelligence! Now things become interesting. Hmm di ko napansin we are already in some parking. He brought me to his place!

"Come don't be afraid. You are safe with me." (Damn! just how safe is safe? I berated myself for putting myself in this situation again. I remembered 15 years ago na sumama din ako sa isang lalaki who I just met)

The good thing is his apartment is very spacious with three bedrooms and very big living room. The balcony is also so big that that Kuala lumpur looks very beautiful.

"To reach the top, you need to want it. To want it you have to know what is in there. I saw myself in you years ago."

"Hmm thanks for showing me this view. It is very nice." (I am not exactly sure if I am really ambitious, I have turned down many opportunities for business partnership, because to manage a business is something that I am not very confident to do.)

"You have to change that mindset." I can only nod my head. He is really quite soft spoken, and relaxed.

"You need to have confidence, relax, have people skills. Be flexible. Tell me do you drink?"

"No. I remembered the client in Viet Nam asking me to drink the wine, I don't drink. My boss looked at me sternly and told me "Antoinette drink". It is like you don't belong if you don't drink."

"Yes. If you don't drink, client will not ask you again. He will also ask your company to send somebody else who is more flexible."

"I see. I will remember that Harry."

"Now, tell me, do you smoke?"

"No." This one I have never done in my life.

"Hmmm. You are not flexible, if your client wants to smoke then you cannot join him, you will wait for the client to finish smoking. That will not look good for business."

"If client ask you to go to sleep with him? what do you do? Are you flexible?"

"Harry, you know the answer. Enough about me. Now you know I've never done those things. Tell me what you did in yours?"

"Are you prepared to listen?"

"I'm all ears."

"Years ago, my boss who interviewed me asked if we can do the interview outside. So we went to a pub had some drinks, it was beginning to be late, she invited me to her place. We slept together."

"What!???? How old was she?, How old were you then?"

"I was 38 and she was 10 years older. After that she groomed me to top position. She took care of me and defended me."

I'll be damned! I don't really care about his life. I just can't see myself doing that to reach the top. I already lost interest, if that is all it takes to be there. Anyway, to cut the story short, nagsex sila ng maraming beses.

"So tell me the people under you are also doing that to climb on top?"

He smiled. "Malaysian, specially the Chinese are very flexible. I have met some Filipinos in Dubai and Manila who are also quite flexible."

"Thank you for sharing me all these Harry. It think about these lessons. They are too much. I will go home now."

"Then what? sleep in the hotel? There is no work tomorrow it is Saturday. Come on stay here. Are you afraid of me?"

"No. I am just sleepy."

"Then choose any room. Stay here. Wait i'll get you some shorts to change. You can lock the door if it makes you feel safer. I wouldn't do anything that you don't want to do."

He looked harmless enough, so I nodded and picked the second room. He gave me some short pants to change and damn... It hugged my lower body, dropped and clung to my hips. Nagmukha tuloy ako Arabian woman. I closed the room. I did not lock it and crawled inside the covers. I felt my body relaxed that I almost feel asleep.

"My friend, are you asleep now.?" I heard harry calling.


"Can I come inside in 10 mins? Is it okay for me to disturb you?"

"Explain disturb?"

"I'll show you."

Hindi na ako nagsalita,  I relaxed my body and willed it to sleep. Bumalik si Harry and he asked kung pwede sya tumabi sa akin or better we transfer in the masters bedroom.

"Ohh I get it Harry. The corporate lesson you mentioned was literally to 'sleep together side by side'. Building connection? Yeah if you need some human company I'm here!"

I looked so damned serious that it is difficult for him to know what I am thinking. Did I mention that I look innocent as well?

Naka sleeveless blouse lang ako at yong short na pinahiram nya.

Tumabi sya at umurong naman ako sa gilid ng bed.

"Why are you so far away? Come closer." Since I did not move, sya yong lumapit. He wrapped he arms around me and kissed the top side of my arm. Pakshit! What is this????

He pressed his lower body and made me feel how aroused he is.

"Baby, you are so hot." sinabi nya habang hinahalikan yong braso ko and his palms are slowly trying to find its way inside my blouse.

"Please stop moving. I cannot sleep." I complained to him.

"Let's get tired so we can sleep." sabi nya in a seductive voice. His fingers are tracing my hairs tenderly.

"If you are not tired then tell me some more stories." dinidistract ko sya na magkwento na lang... he obliged and told me more stories about his work (puro work lang yong buhay nya). While telling his story, his left hand is opening the buttons of my blouse paakyat. Lahat ng nakabukas na butones sinusundan ko at sinasara.

"Please? Let's relax and have some fun."

"Harry, you picked the wrong girl. I already explained my position I am not flexible."

"Please dont say that I picked the wrong girl. I don't want to disrespect you. If you think that, I will go back to my room." hinayaan ko sya umalis. Hmm mabuti nga yon.... I haven't prepared my mind for sex.

Sanay ako sumama sa lalaki and just 'literally sleep' beside them. Sleep is sleep. hehehe (wink). I cove... Read More

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