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January 11, 2015 (3 years ago)
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When I recalled how we first met at the hotel few months back, parang hindi ko maiisip na magiging lovers kami.  Harry's voice then was soft and seductive nag-init ako sa kanya though hindi mo naman ipapahalata sa taong you just met and barely knew.  Tapos inisip ko he was somebody's husband or father. 

I met him before ko naging kaibigan si married guy.  Our rooms then were just two doors apart and I had this crazy thought na he will knock on my door then I will fuck him senseless.  I dismissed the thought immediately and reprimanded myself for being a pervert.  That time our conversation though brief he immediately assessed my situation in Malaysia.  My contract will end in few months and I wasn't searching for new jobs yet.  Pero hindi ko nasabi sa kanya na so far wala naman akong problema maghanap ng contract, minsan sabay pa ma award that I have to choose which one to take.  I just don't want regular employment.  Shocks mukhang ang baba ng tingin nya sa akin.  My fantasy with Harry did not flourish kasi di ko na sya nakita ulit.

By the time na nakita nya ako ulit in one mall near their office, I had forgotten him but he remembered me and when he mentioned the name of the hotel, I remembered him. When he offered to drive me back to the hotel, I immediately agreed and even when we reached the place, parang the conversation was so good that I don't want it to end yet.  So he offered to show me around then brought me to his place (ref Harry 1).

Although sobrang sexy ni Harry that time at nagliliyab talaga ako sa init there is one thing that is stopping me.  Parang wala syang concept ng condom so sinabi ko na lang mag-iisip ako.  Pero sa tindi ng libog ko, I wrote the human cow story, inspired by how he made my tits sore for two days. That was the first fiction story I ever did.  Some readers seeing that it is on hold and subsequently deleted requested for a copy of the story, unfortunately I typed it here directly. 

For those days na nag-iisip ako kunyari, I avoided all men who blantantly displayed their desire for me. Except for married guy kasi di ko sya ganun ka type physically at may asawa na sya. Also, lahat ng lalaki na gusto ko, i require a certain level of emotional maturity kasi medyo iba sayad ng utak ko (I will easily crush a weaker man) ... kaya hindi lang dapat titi lang yong malakas sa kanya. 

Noong nakipagsex ako kay married guy without using condom (at hindi ako sure if safe) pwede naman pala basta kaya ng lalaki magcontrol.  Inisip ko I am ready to see Harry again.  Noong nawala si Nathan last November, I became an easy prey.  I became more aware and sensitive of other guys na talagang natatakam pag nakita akong dumaan na kunyari di tumingin habang papalapit na ako, then when I turned my back to take the lift, saka na lang titingin ulit sa likuran ko as if hindi ko nakikita sa salamin na nakatingin sila.

After some soul searching, napag-isip isip ko na kung sex lang din, si Harry na lang.   That is if he still wants me, para lang macontain ko yong burgeoning passion that is starting to affect the men around me.  Mahirap din eh, kasi isang ngiti lang at flicker ng iris ng mata, laglag brief na kagad yong lalaki na makakausap ko (yong bang nag-uusap lang kayo maya-maya iba na tingin sayo, ang bango bango pa naman ng katawan ko pag biglang uminit at magexude ng pheromones). Kailangan ko lang talaga madiffuse yong init that Harry started which was further enflamed by married guy. Kung pwede lang mawala yong init by doing ALS challenge, ginawa ko na. 

Our first sexual encounter happened because I contacted him finally.  After many days na totally he did not hear from me, I was surprised that he still remembered me.  I was more surprised when he appeared in front of my hotel immediately the day after I contacted him.  We sort of picked up from were we left off and resumed our conversation, as if we were not separated.  But i'd be damned nawala lahat sa isip ko si married guy.

Sobrang na excite si Harry kaya nilabasan kagad that time (Harry 2).  Although nasarapan ako sa dick nya,  medyo nabitin ako kasi I was just starting. Pero inisip ko rin na baka gawin lang nya akong one night stand.  Kasi hindi sya mahilig magtext or tumawag inisip ko hindi sya interesado.  What I didn't know was that I turned his world upside down din.  He became more curious to get to know the Filipinos that are working in their company.  He also explained that while he is working he keeps his phone 5 meters away para walang distraction tapos pag busy sya di talaga sya sumasagot. Kaya pala binabasa nya lang message ko at hindi sumasagot.

Ako pa man din yon kapag ok lang yong sagot deleted kagad yong contact.  Pero ito walang message eh.  Kaya focus lang ako sa work.  Also, iniisip ko baka magkaroon sya ng impression that I am too desperate.  Thing is i am actually a very proud woman.  I earn my own keep and have never depended on a any man after ko grumadweyt at nagtrabaho. I also have a history of falling for someone who was 18 years my senior and more successful than me.  Yong tipong langit at lupa ang drama. I have never asked for anything, instead I just wanted to be treated as equal and respected as a person. Also, I find older men so damned sexy.

He knew (when we were together in Harry 2) that I was flying on the 24th, and made plans for us to stay in the airport lounge while waiting for our flights.  Since, there was no message from him for the days in between, I cannot assume that it will still happen so I sent him some message to ask if we are still going to the airport together around 5 pm on the day of the flight itself.

Once he received my message, he concluded his meeting right away and told me to wait in KL Sentral. Then another message asking me to wait at the airport terminal 1, then airport terminal 2, then check in counter, then immigration.  Pero hindi sya dumating.  It was almost my boarding time, so I sent him many messages like 'Where are you?', 'What time are you coming?', 'I cannot wait for you beyond 7:30, I will miss my flight'.  He did not respond anymore.  I wanted to throw my phone away.  I also cannot call him because my boss used up all my battery by calling many times for 30 minutes about work while I was at the airport.  Instead I turned it off and I hurriedly went to immigration and boarding area.  Parang nagtampo yong phone ko ayaw na rin mag turn-on. Panic na ako what if may message sya and I will miss it?  Please phone, mag-on ka na.  Then I saw his message, he is already at the airport except that I was already inside the plane.

Harry:  Baby, I am at the airport, where are you?
Me: I am already in the plane, Harry.

Harry: Oh. I'm sorry my luggage took a long time to arrive.
Me: It's ok.  My battery is almost gone, bye Harry.

Na-off na nga yong phone ko.  Sa pinas ko na nakita yong message nya.
Harry: Please email me at Harry gmail.com

He has no way of reaching me other than my Malaysian sim.
Maski hindi kami nagkita, I felt better na nakapagmessage pa sya before ako lumipad, kung hindi we will never see each other again.  Magtatampo kasi ako at bigla na lang nawawala leaving the guy alone and wondering what the hell happened and why I was just gone.  Ganun ginawa ko kay first bf and it took 13 years (through FB) bago kami nagkita ulit.

I hesitated to send him message from Philippines kasi naiisip ko baka isipin nya naghahabol ako sa kanya sa sobrang daming messages kong pinadala bago ako pumasok sa immigration.  In the middle of busy preparation for the festivities, saka lang ako nagmessage ng smiley sa whatsup, then he responded with "Hi Darls"

Kinilig ako sa enderment nya.  I can't wait to see him again.  As soon as I arrived and was safely settled in my hotel, I sent him some message.

Me: Hi Harry.
Harry: Hi baby, when are you coming back to KL?

Me: I'm in KL now.
Harry: Ohh... I will arrive in KL Monday morning, will you join me for some drinks at 8:30 in the evening?

Me: I don't know.
Alam naman nya na di ako umiinom pero gusto nya lang ako magtry magdrink ng beer.

I did not say yes or no.  Although he said he will fetch me at my place on Monday night, hinihintay nya pala magconfirm ako.  Since hindi ako nagconfirm, hindi kami nagkita ng Monday. 

The next day, Tuesday nagmessage na naman sya na pabalik na ulit sya sa kl and he wanted to see me at 10:30 pm (galing pa daw sya sa ibang place ng Malaysia at the travel time took 4 hours).  Inisip ko masyadong late na, so nagdecline na ako.  Although gusto ko rin talaga syang makita at makasama ulit.

Noong Wednesday, ako na yong nagmessage asking if he is free that day.

Me: Harry are you free today?
Harry:  For you, i am always free.  Where are you?

Me: Still at work
Harry: Shall I pick you at your hotel or you will go near my place?

Me: I want to go to my place first. (hindi ko sinabi sa kanya that I want to freshen up)
Harry: You can freshen at our apartment baby. (grabe alam nya how I needed to freshen up before seeing him.)

I told him okay but in my mind, uuwi pa rin ako sa hotel  pag di pa late.  Pero natraffic ako kaya dumiretso na lang ako sa place nya which is actually in one of the buildings in a mall.

Then binigyan nya ako ng challenge to find his unit by myself, like I go through main entrance tapos he will take the lift from he parking. Eh ang laki ng mall, I was lost.  Sinusundan nya ako at ni-rerescue everytime i take the wrong path.  Malapit na akong mainis at gusto ko na iwan sya sa weird game nya.  Since hindi ko na solve yong maze papuntang kwarto nya, he decided to walk with me and teased me along the way.

"I thought you are so intelligent that you can find my place."
"Yeah I thought so too.  I guess I'm not that intelligent after all. Hope you are not disappointed darls." I just teased him back.

Nakangiti na lang kami pareho  habang naglalakad at hinahanap kung saan yong elevator papuntang floor nya.  Then bigla syang naging seryoso at napahinto, may nasalubong na staff ng office nila yong loko!  Beside Harry, I really looked so young even if I am really old, I think he is 46.  I had to awkwardly wait for them while they were having some small talk.  Tapos nag-paalam na yong staff nya "Enjoy your night Mr. Harry." 

Noong nakarating kami sa place nya, dumiretso na kami sa room nya.  He went directly to his bed and invited me to join him. His arms were open to receive me. When I reached him, he wrapped his arms around me right away and kissed my temple.

Harry:  I miss you darls.  Two weeks is a long time.
Me: Yeah it was a long time.  What am i doing here?

Harry: Don't say that babe. You have a good heart in here.
Me: I dont know it just feel so good to be close to you.

I like the feel of his hairy skin and body closer to mine.  He is tall although not muscled, hindi naman sya chubby.  May konting beer belly sya, pero hindi halata when he stand in his full frame, tangkad eh.  Ang ganda nya tingnan pag naglalakad, he reminds me of Jim Caviezel, ng Person of Interest.  Tall, elegant but doesn't draw attention, wala syang air of authority or self importance. Parang hindi obvious na isa sya sa senior management team of decision makers in their company.

I can also get lost in his dreamy eyes kasi minsan kapag nag-uusap kami, hindi nya napapansin he was looking at me na para bang ang ganda ganda ko.  Minsan naman nahuhuli ko syang nakatingin ng ganun sa mukha ko.  Tapos bigla ko syang titigan tapos ngingitian ng matamis na may kasamang panunukso.

Me: Dear what are you doing? 
Hinuhubaran na nya kasi ako kagad.

Harry: I miss my baby. I haven't seen her for two weeks.
Tinatanggal nya na yong belt ng slacks ko.  Looks like he was actually referring to that throbbing triangle between my legs.

Me: Why don't we have dinner first.  I am already hungry.
Harry: Aren't you supposed to freshen up first, then we have dinner?

Me: Why don't we just finish this movie instead.
Harry:  I agree. There is a very good sex scene in this movie.

Meron ng nakaplay na movie sa laptop nya na pinapanood nya habang hinihintay ako, The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo, that movie was totally forgotten when I arrived in his unit.  Dali-dali nya ni scroll sa gitnang part.  Pinapakita yong nakatali yong girl na nakataas ang tumbong at yong lalaki nagbubukas na ng condom.

Me: What is he going to do Harry?
Harry: In that scene, he is going to rape her in the ass.

Me: Ohh it that exciting for you?
Harry: Yeah. How about you darl, you like that too?  (Bumulong pa talaga)

He playfully asked me, while his two hands are already on my breasts at nakahiga ako sa isang arms nya.  Then he moved para pumatong na sa akin.

Me:You mean, 'I like it laaahh' (mimicking that famous local lah that he sometimes used when we are talking)

Napangiti ko na naman si Harry.

Me: Yeah, I like anal too.  But you see even the rapist used a condom. (Hayan na naman yong condom issue ko, hahaha.  Ang mahal ng condom dito eh.  Inisip ko pag magdala naman ako ng condom galing pinas, baka maging issue pa sa airport.)

Harry only responded with groan and proceeded to smell the hollows on my neck.  He groaned approvingly of my scent.

Harry: Darls, remember I told you that you have good lips except that you dont use it for kissing. 

Hindi pa kasi ako humahalik sa kanya.  OC kasi ako sa kalinisan ng bibig. Parang hindi pa ako ready malaman if I like his lips or not.  Kaya lang lampas ulo na yong libog ko sa kanya.

Me: Ahh, that kiss.

Napatingin ako sa lips nya, inawang ko labi ko and tilted my head a little. Then I closed my eyes and kissed him.   Hala ang sarap halikan ng labi ni Harry.  It was just light touch but it was enough for me to know that it was made for sex.  Yon bang tipo ng labi na gusto mo halikan during foreplay.  Yon bang habang hinahalikan mo sya lalo kang mag-iinit at aakyat yong temperature ng katawan mo.  Or yong tipong masarap laplapin habang labas-pasok yong titi nya sa pussy ko. 

Pinigilan ko yong sarili ko na madarang sa halik lang, I hesitated a little kasi katatapos lang ng mens ko.  I think may konting blood pa.  I am here now just to spend some time with him.

Harry:  Come let's freshen up baby.
Me: Why do we need to freshen up?  Can we just watch movie and do just that.  I don't plan to have sex now.  I think I still have a little blood. 

Harry: What? are you sure? 
Me: Uhh huh.

Harry:  Okay, we don't freshen up.  I like it if there is a little blood.
Me: What?

Harry: Come lets have sex now
Shocks! Naghubad na talaga si Harry, napatingin ako sa naninigas na titi nya na parang nakawala sa constricting pants.

Hindi ko alam kung nagpapanggap lang sya or alam nya na sinusubukan ko lang sya.

Humarap ako sa kanya at tinanggal pa-isa-isa yong mga damit ko.  Nakatingin lang sya sa akin and waited for me to remove my undies.  Tahimik din syang sumunod sa akin when I silently walked to the bathroom in my naked glory.  It was so fun to see him put soap on me and rinsed me.  Balbon si Harry pero wala syang pubic hair and his dick is really pointing in my direction. 

After we cleansed and dried ourselves, bumalik na kami sa kama.  Nakahiga akong nakangiti sweetly sa kanya.  I was touching him gently with my fingers.  Mahilig ako magtrace ng mukha at katawan ng lalaki with my fingertips.  Nakangiti lang din sya na nakatingin sa akin.  Na aamaze sya sa akin. 

"Harry, you totally misled me with your 'freshen up' word.  I thought you want me to freshen up to look beautiful for our dinner.. then how come you are having dinner first?  Don't ypu think it is  a little unfair."  Nakahiga ako sa kama, fresh na fresh, na nakahain lang.

"It is not that Darl.." He groaned happily and feasted on my neck. 

He slipped two fingers inside my moist cunt and was slowly and gently sliding then in and out.  He flicked his tongue on my tits also gently this time.  Ang galing ng pagromansa nya.  Lalo akong namasa.  Once he sensed that I am ready, he asked me to ride his dick again.

Sinakyan ko ulit sya grabe ang sarap kasi big talaga. Matagal ko syang sinakyan at ang tagal ng hard-on nya. I stopped because I noticed that there was something odd, I smelled some blood. He did not even complain and assured me it is okay.  Kaya lang di na ako nagpatuloy pa and asked that we wash again.  He also noticed that there was a stain on the sheet.  He cleaned them silently saying 'It is okay lah'.  Lihim ako napangiti narealize ko na pwede pala sya sa matagal na labanan.

We washed again and get dressed for dinner.   Kumain kami sa isang Japanese resto.  Kaya lang meron pa syang tatapusin na paper works.  So pinapili nya ako if I want to go back to his place for round 2, or ihahatid na nya ako sa hotel.  I already had my fill and he looked like he needed the time to finish his work.  So I decided to go back to the hotel na lang. 

While in his car, kinuwento nya sa akin kung bakit di kami nagkita sa airport.  He said that day, he was in different location due to some meeting. The staff who he tasked to take his small luggage to the airport from their office decided to take a bus instead of a train.

So ito daw yong conversation nila around 7:45pm sa airport. 

Harry: Didn't i give you enough money for express train?
Staff: Boss, since you handled the budget well in the office, I think you would appreciate that I spent only 10RM in a bus instead of 35RM in a train.

Harry: But, this is for my family, it doesn't matter how much it costs.  What if I miss my flight?
Staff: Boss, your flight is still 12 midnight!

Hindi na daw sya nakasagot pa. Ang lakas ng tawa ko, na imagine ko yong mukha nya na that time sa airport after receiving his luggage thinking 'this is so ridiculous!'.  He only exclaimed 'l dont understand these people you know.'  Maski maglimousine pa yong staff papuntang airport di maramdaman ni Harry ang cost nun.

Me:  Your staff was right.  It was still too early for your flight. It just doesn't make se... Read More

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