Happy Halloween.!haha Trip ko lang.

October 31, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Happy Halloween.!haha Trip ko lang.DO NOT READ NOTHING GOOD IN HERE.!

Give me a lollipop first..haha joke..

Yumago..Hop'ung..Miwohaeyo.. (Nothing.Nothing.Nothing.)


1st of all Im writing a story to pleasure YOU so dont put a pressure on ME.(echos)

2nd for you (i dont mention your name) please understand the word "FICTION" .. why you always telling me.that i do this with my brother ..FYI i dont have Brother..(basahin mo.alam mo kung sino ka.hmp.paulit-ulit ka nakakabobo..)

3rd add me up. in Msg. PM me.

Love yah. 

god nae chinguga dangsin eulbogo (See you soon My Friends... Read More

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