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“All the  lonely people, where do they all come from.?  All the  lonely people, where do they all belong?”....

Eleanor Rigby.…the Beatles

Casanova17’s  blog  about happiness reminded me  about the  time I was  the speaker during a Monday flag-raising ceremony in our office.    Required  ang either barong or longsleeves and tie.   Mukha akong kagalang galang nuon.  (Kung alam lang nila na ako ay nagsusulat at nagbabasa na  kalibugan sa FSS.  At worse, nagbabasa ng mga mahahalay na  posts at comments ni Middle life Crisis. Siguro ay patong patong na ang kaso ko ngayon  sa  civil service com. He he )

 Ah, to be young and full of angst…sige lang,  casanova17, let it out…you are probably  an intelligent and sensitive young man in  pursuit of  life’s purpose.  You are not alone  in this pursuit…especially   happiness.     

Back to my  speech,  my topic was, of course ,  happiness.  In context, ganito yun…

What is happiness? Is it a state of mind…a fleeting  thing ? coz such  wonderful feeling is impossible to sustain..if that is the case ,  we might as well be in heaven. Is happiness relative?

 Blessed are the basically  happy  and positive people who view  life with optimism and cheerful disposition.  Some would say its  hard to remain positive  given our selfish and materialistic  society with all its attendant negativity.  

What makes a person happy?…a question often asked.  In a survey  I read  somewhere, the following are some of the more   common answers among the respondents:

  Wealth,  lots of money …ok na sa kanila yun.  Ang premise nila, its better to be  miserable with money, than to be miserable without money.   Miserable na nga ang buhay mo, wala ka pang pera. Pag me pera ,  masaya!

 But then, a survey among some  lottery winners (sa USA)  showed that the windfall of millions did not really make them happy. This,  after all the initial euphoria and excitement have subsided.  Pag naging ordinary na lang ang mga bagay na dati ay  panaginip mong makuha, wala na ang excitement, ang saya.

Power  …   nakakalasing daw ang kapangyarihan…you say to people come, and they come,  go   and they go! Ang buhay at pag asa nila ay nasa mga kamay mo.  Pag nadulas ka, walang maglalakas ng loob na tumawa!  Pag nag joke ka, kahit isang libong beses na nilang narinig yun….tatawa pa rin sila.  Mga sipsip!

Fame ….. iba daw ang sikat, kilala ng madlang people kahit saan mapunta..global ang exposure, may kasama na itong influence, at konting power.  Pati pag utot mo  laman ng   social media at tabloid..   

Work…the line of work that really suited their skills and interests.  Some are happiest when working,  the sense of accomplishment..self importance they derive from it  is exhilarating …
Sex, food and other addiction…marami ang masaya na basta  may sex  once a day and twice on Sundays and holidays. Ang iba basta may food,  indulge lang,   comfort food ang security blanket.

Health…..pangalawa sa mga pinakapopular na answer…marami ang nagsabi na ok ako basta healthy.   Tutoo yan health is wealth..  ano ang silbi ng pera kung mata mo na lang ang naigagalaw mo.   Perfect example ay si zobel  who was paraplegic (or quadraplegic, I am not sure,)for 9  years before dying after a polo accident.   Kung ang sightseeing mo ay sa bintana na lang ng ospital, anu pa ang silbi ng pera mo.  Hindi ka makakain , makaiyot,  ano pa rason sa buhay?  He he Mayaman ang tao.. Anong halaga ang maitutumbas mo sa iyong,  mga mata,   bato  atay, dugo, balat, bone marrow  puso,  puke,.  Yung utak, ang halaga ay depende  kung nagagamit o hindi. Ha ha.

G,    Lasting/harmonious relationships…..ang pinakapopular na answer.  Good relationship sa family..sa kapartner…asawa, lover, friends ..to love them and be love by them  is deemed paramount by most of the respondents in their pursuit of  happiness.

H.    Lastly,  the most noble   form of happiness …..those who find fulfillment and a rare kind of happiness and joy  by helping others…doing work to improve the life of our less fortunate brothers…to  promote their welfare  and uplift their spirit.

Bless their soul…hindi ko kaya yun.   Those who devote their time, energy and talent  (hindi kailangan na laging  pera para makatulong.) in helping others

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