January 7, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I'm drunk, too drunk
I cant even remember what happened
I let myself drown
With too much of your presence

I enjoyed the pleasure while it last
But didn't think that it would be that fast
I can still feel the lingering pain
Now, that you've left me in vain

You're my drug, my alcohol
That when I take you in, you let me fall
I've been bruised, I'm wounded
Dizzy and dumbfounded

Picked myself up and tried to walk straight
Hold on to whatever left in my strength
Glad I made it, finally I'm home
But find myself here, all alone

Now, all I have is this hangover
From your love that's bittersweet
I know that this will only make me stronger
And help me stand on my own two feet......

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