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February 5, 2013 (5 years ago)
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OK guys we know naman why we are here in this website right? so im going to ask u in ur own point of view/or belief...

i/we know that malilibug/manyak/sexcaholic etc. watever u wana call it.

piru kaya nyu ba talagang gawin ung mga nasa stories?
like panuorin nyu ung wife nyu getting fuckup by other guys? getting fuck by a gang/group of people? or being watch by millions in the internet? or getting fuck by a family in blood?

and guys sa mga lalaki/husband can you stand ba talaga na just let it go even u knw ur wife is cheating to u and u catch them in actual having sex? lets put it na sipil mo clang nagsesex and ur just going to watch and masturbate while ur wife is cheating and having a moment wth somebody?

yes malibug din ako piru i still cant stand the idea of my partner being used by others gf ko palang nga subrang selos at ingat na ako wife pa kaya? the idea palang na malalaman ko na nagcheat sya puputuk na ung mount pinatubu sakin ulo (territorial kc aku)...

so how about you guys? whats your stand about it?

can you stand and watch your wife/gf/girl being fuck by others? yes/no + ur reason...

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