Guilty Pleasures

November 2, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I know I have to stop doing this kind of thing.I know it's wrong and it'll just ruin me.But i'm on my way to destruction,anyway.

But I cannot just let myself walk straight into my downfall.I must fight!

But how can i fight it, if i keep on doing this and that? How can i fight thy ownself if I cannot stand true on my thoughts and words?

I'm so messed up!

And the thing is, i cannot tell this thing on my family and close friends!They'll hate me and they'll be disappointed,for sure.

Maybe the reason why I'm writing this piece of crap on this blog.To give exposition on my messed up mind and emotions.

Yeah.You can see the name,but not the real one.You may have read this,but have no idea at all on the real thing.


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Not a Japanese.Just look like one.Don't give a damn to sick and foolish things.But gives time to have good times.
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