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August 26, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This is my 4th post.  I may have told you that most of my trysts happen when I was in college.  Malas ako sa relationship pero swerte ko sa sex.  This happened on my last year sa college.  It was a few weeks before we would defend our thesis so we had group studies with my classmates to familiarize and master our thesis for our oral defense.

There were 13 of us in the group, 7 of us guys, 5 girls and 1 bakla.  I was not close to the group kasi it was not my original batchmates (I spent 6 yrs in college) and I was absent when the groupings were made.  The truth was I was just added by the teacher to join the group.  Anyways, here it is.

My role in the group was the typist.  They do all the research and sampling and I am the one to type it.  Our thesis was given good ratings by our teachers because it was well made and it was believable (I added imagination to the data they gave me but was unnoticed).  For 5 straight nights, the group would meet at the houses of its members and would simulate the oral defense.  Since, I was not close to them, I would always be a spectator on their arguments and would just be silent.

On the 4th night, we stayed at the house of one of our groupmates.  In the previous days, we would all go home around 3 or 4 AM, but on this day, some of them decided to sleepover because the house was big and there were 2 vacant rooms.  I never intended to sleep over.  That night, we finished early at around 11pm, some left and went home leaving me, the house owner, 2 girls, a couple (groupmates na couple) and the bakla.  The house owner, lets call her Deb insisted that I stay so we would bond since i was just the silent member.  I stayed but still had no  intention to sleep over.  The 7 of us just talked when the couple excused themselves and told us that they have to go home pala (we didn't believe they would go home but we knew they would just check-in the motel).  After they left, we talked about the couple which led to the conversation about sex.  I really also wanted to go home (2 rooms = girls room + boys room.... so me and bakla?? Waaahhhhh) but when the conversation shifted to sex, I stayed for awhile.  I was just listening to their stories about their fantasies, experiences and heartaches.  The 2 girls, Elle and Farah were the noisy girls in the group and are so close with Greg, the bakla.

It was about 1230am when Farah told us she was hungry.  Deb and Elle chipped in and decided we will eat pizza.  We called for delivery, pero sabi nila mag close sila at 1am and di na sila nagdedeliver at that time, so we just ordered and told them we would pick them up.  Elle voluntered to go with me pick up the food.  I knew Elle because she was an ex of my high school batchmate.  She is about 5'2, chubby and has big boobs.  While driving, I asked her about Ray yung ex nya.  She asked why I knew Ray, I told her we were batchmates in hs.  She then poured out her emotions that she hasn't moved on and that she was really cheated.  I asked her about her current bf (i know the guy but we are not close), and she told me that lakas din daw ng appeal sa girls so sometimes she is jealous and possessive.  I asked her if his bf know about the sleep over, and she told me his bf knows pero all girls and Greg lang.

We arrived at the pizzaria and our pizza was ready already.  On the way back, we passed by and also bought balut.  We ate and talk a little and it was almost 3am when they decided to sleep.  The girls decided to sleep in Deb's room and Greg also stayed with them.  I decided to stay and not go home anymore since i was also tired.  I took a shower and after went to the living room to watch TV and let my hair dry (uso pa nun long undercut hair).

I was in watching chinese or was it japanese movie when Elle went down to get water.  She was wearing a soft cotton oversized shirt.  I could see her panties since the shirt only covers part of her legs when she went down the stairs.  I had the best view possible as my position was exactly across the stairs.  I had a hard on just watching her walk passed by me.  She asked if why I wasn't asleep yet and I told her I wasn't sleepy yet.  I returned the favor and ask her why she still up and told me that he wanted to drink more water because her breath still smells and every time she burps it smells and tastes balut, and she wasn't able to bring toothbrush.  We continued our earlier conversation but I took glimpses of her boobs to check if she was wearing any bra.  She noticed that I was watching, and asked me why I am staring at her breasts, my answer was I was trying to figure out what the shirt's design meant (stupid answer for a straightforward question).  She just laughed and innocently told me that she thought I was looking at her breast, for which I answered "who wouldn't notice that".  She blushed when I told her that and asked me whats my preference, big or small boobs.  I told her I want big boobs, then we laughed about it.  She then asked me a simply question.  Have you ever cheated on your gf?  I honestly told her that it happened and felt sad that I did.  I reciprocated the question and she answered "No", but followed up her answer with "but I want to".  I then jokingly told her, "sino ba lalake gusto mo and I'll hook you up", and she answered clearly, "you".  Although I wanted so bad to fuck her, I let out a question as to why me, for which she answered "madami kana cguro kasi experience".  She then told me that it was Ray my batchmate that deflowered her, and that her current bf has not yet tried to have sex with her.  I asked her when she wants it, for which she came over me, and told me now.

We were kissing in the living room.  I moved my hands towards her big boobs and felt indeed she was not wearing bra anymore.  I moved her shirt up and kissed her boobs and her already hard nipples.  I signaled to her that we do our deed in the guestroom assigned to me,  I turned off the room lights leaving the lights of the toilet on upon her request.  Once we got there, we took of our clothes and became naked.  I laid her in bed and wanted to eat her already dripping wet pussy.  Everytime I licked her pussy, I could feel her move up and moan, and with it, the bed also created a creaky noise (the bed was made of bamboo).  She would feel extacy as I move play my tongue in her pussy.  She would grab my hair and moan.  I got irritated of the noise the bed would create so I decided to bring her to the toilet.  I sat her in the toilet seat and gave a blowjob.  The toilet has a big mirror and it was such a super turn on watching you having sex with a girl.  She told me that she was safe and that there is no need to worry about cumming inside her.  I entered her from behind and we were both watching ourselves at the mirror.  It was difficult for me because I am taller than her, and I cannot carry her weight since she's a chubby girl.  But eventually that is what I did.  I would grab her boobs massage it while I bang her from behind.  She would put her fingers in her mouth and bite it, while the other hand grabbed her boobs.  My hand would continue to grab her boobs and my other hand w... Read More

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