Great Escape: The Shirt

December 20, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Hello Guys this is the first story I made and I hope you liked it, inspired by a true story from my friend and she's not the one on the picture to show respect. So hope you enjoy! :)


Well I got a confession to make,. And this is not just an ordinary confession. You can call me Yan. I'm small around 5 flat. Slim and has a short hair. Though I'm quite busty for my stature. Well im sort of cute hindi sa pagbubuhat ng bangko and i'm half Japanese. anyways,
I know it's not in my nature to fling. As what others termed it, "Manang" ako with regard to certain things about flirting lalo na when it involves sensual, and worse sexual things. I also know that i promised myself way before that i will not involve myself in any sexual acts. I shall just do it with the one I love. And yes, I lived up to that promise.Not until recently.

Well, let me start by narrating how it all started during a month ago. Yes. It is just about over a month ago. It all happened so fast. Even I cant believe myself for falling into this unimaginable dilemma that i am facing right now. Here goes.

It was a very depressing day. Why? Because we fought again. And this time, I really can't help it. I'm really tired of crying and yet I can't stop. I even cried myself to sleep. However, the next day, I found the courage to hold myself together and just once, forget about what happened. So I decided to go out. Alone. Little did i know that the feeling of being all alone would be eradicated not for long.

So I went to the mall, I just wanted to be comforable so i wore a loose V-neck shirt and shorts. I also put on some light make-up, just enough to cover up the puffy look i earned from non stop crying last night.

At the mall, I tired to stroll around the seaside first so I could clear my head. The wind was quite strong so the waves hit the bay hard. Unlucky as i was, a big wave struck the rocks beside me and went splashing unto my shirt. FUCK. now my shirt's see through. Ugh. I got a bit uncomfortable since it seems like my bra is already exposed. So I decided to head to a nearby store to purchase a shirt.
So I went into this clothing shop which had a sale. Cause thats the only thing I could afford right now. So i rummaged into their clothes and found one that I liked.

However there's this guy in the counter whom I think is staring at me the moment I came into the shop. I just didnt mind him. He's cute though. Anyway, I got my choice and asked for their fitting room. That staring guy was the one who led me. Unluckily again, all the fitting rooms were occupied except for one which does'nt have any lock. So the staring guy said that he'd just stand by the door so no one can come in. Since i was so desperate to change into dry clothes, i accepted his offer.

Then i thought it was nice of him. Anyway, I already put off my damp shirt. Now, I just have my bra on and my shorts. Before I tried on my shirt, I stared at myself and first in the mirror and saw how the stressful days affected me.

My clavicles were really protruding. Then then my ribs are also slightly visible. Then my stomach has flattened too. I was kinda happy with that one. I've always wanted a flat abdomen. But what was I really happy about is how my curve improved and it complements the size of my hips and specially my breasts. I tried holding them together and pushing 'em upward. Trying to see if they look better that way, when suddenly the door bursted open and the staring guy came in in a blitz. I didn't know how to reacted and in that moment his hand is suddenly grabbing my chest and the other one is in my mouth to suppress any potential scream. Then he told me he was sorry and promised me and explained that he could not take it anymore when he saw my big chest. HE WAS PEEKING TOO! then he told me how sorry he is and asked me to not make a scene and said he'll pay for the shirt and apologized to me over and over again while his hand still holding my mouth but he let go of my chest a couple of minutes ago. I just nodded and I felt scared too. And I fixed myself and bursted out of the store with the new shirt.

Afterwards, I was so shocked. I didnt know what to do. I feel violated, angry and scared at the same time. So I am walking like a traumatized person, just staring blankly ahead while walking. As a resukt, I thought of getting myself some coffee so I could calm myself.

So I went to the coffee shop. As i was about to pay for my coffee, i reached for my wallet inside my bag. Fuck. its not there!

So I ran out of the store and sat a nearby bench. I am almost to tears while I'm contemplating the bad things happening in my life right now.

And then my phone rang. It was an unknown number, i answered it.

"Hey miss. I'm sorry but I didnt mean to look into your things"

Then I recognized the voice. Its the stupid staring guy.

"How the hell did you get my wallet? And how did you know my effin number?"

"Whoa. Easy. Chill. I dint get your wallet. Your number's in here and you dropped it while youre running out of the store i tried to chase you but youre gone, so I resorted in checking inside in case of any leads about you. Sorry"

"So are you gonna give me back my things or not? Or i could just call the police"

"No. Please don't babe. I'm free ti negotiate" fuck. I can hear the smile from his voice.

"wow negotiate? look i could pay for this shirt if thats whats this is all about."

"nope. as i said, the shirt's a gift. And I dont mind. I sell hundreds of that in a day so no worries babe"

"Could you stop calling me babe? and if its not about the payment what is it you want then?

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Damn. I could imagine youre dumbfounded again. I wish I could see that look. So cute..."
"Thing is I told myself that i want and will see you again. I was about to do the next move you know. Try to look for you. Cause that'll be more thrilling for me. Hunting for my prey.."

"but the way i see how you dropped your purse, i think it's a bit intentional. Haha. I guess youre not the innocent type at all. I'm guessing deep inside you, you liked the way how I grabbed and touched you earlier eh? you cant get enough of me. Its seeded down in your subconscious"

I was sooooo specchless. I just cant find the words to say. I feel enraged yet a bit hesitant. His voice is so attracting. It seems he was hypnotizing me with his voice. And I know a normal person would've called the police by now but i am a bit enticed. My boyfriend and i didnt have sex for quite a time now and maybe this is why im feeling a lil bit aroused by the way he talked to me. Fucking hormones.

"so what do you say babe? Meet you at the paking space so I could hand over your wallet."

"Fine but thats it. Ill just get it and be done with it. ok?"
"if thats what you want then"

I didnt know what came over me and I cccepted his request to meet up. Dammit. And so i went.

Then I saw him. He's grinning. Fuck. that smile. I can't fall for that. Geez. I have to remember I'm still in a relationship. Fuck this

He gestured me to go inside the car cause my wallet was at the dashboard of the passenger seat. So I went inside. yes. i kow. how stupid of me. Next thing I knowhe was there too. Amd thenmy wallet is not there.

Then he put his hand onto my lap. Damn. I hate it cause i know i should ne rejecting his gestures butmy body responds otherwise. I felt a surge of electricity flowed in 'there'

Then he spoke.

"As you said, you would just get your wallet and be done with it right? But i'm sorry its not here. Its back in the shop. its safe though dont worry. And i have every intention of getting it back to you but.."

then he slids his hand up. Now his hand is just right above my inner thighs.

I swallowed and said "b-but what?"

Then he leaned forward and just as before he whispered in my ear "I want this" then he touched me in there.

As i felt hs touched I flinched and let out a little "hmf" then he looked at me and grinned.

It was the only time that i really saw and paid attention to his face. And damn. He was handsome. And that smile again. He had this sexy look in his eyes which pierced through my ego and unleashed my id or to simplify he unleased all of the lust i'm supressing all this time.

"Oh babe. I get that alot" he said and then next thing i know his mouth is already in mine.

His lips were soft and his tongue forcefully twirls into mine. I tried to push him off but he really is so strong.

Then he said that if i tried to fight him he wouldnt let me go easily so helpless, i stopped.

Then he spoke again "i want you to want me. If youd do this, well finish off earlier"

So i kissed him. I just imagined the times i made love with my boyfriend. And yet i felt guilty. But what could i do? I felt so helpless with this guy.

Then he carried me unto the back seat. Dammit. He's really strong. Then when he laid me down, i wrapped my arms around his neck.and i let him be in between my legs.

Then i slipped my hands down to his arms. F*ck. His muscles were so firm. Then i brushed my hands down his abdomen. I felt his beautiful abs. Theyre rock hard. Then i heard him chuckle.

So i brought back my hands up to his hair.

Then i was really amazed at how his every touch sends a surge of electricity in my sex. It makes me want him. Yet i couldnt. But he was just too good.

He lifted up my shirt until my bra was exposed. Then he spoke. "Oh yes babe. This made me want you.... Read More

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