Great Escape 4: Memory Card

January 4, 2016 (2 years ago)
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I was alone. Thank goodness, for once, I was alone in the house. I already got the time to see what was inside that memory card he gave me. so I went to my room and locked my door. Of course, just so I would be warned if my family was already home.

I opened my laptop and put the card in the reader. When I opened the card, there was only one file. It was a video. I played it. There I was lying on the bed, sleeping. I was still wearing that lacy top he gave me. Then afterwards he came up to me and shrugged me off of my sleep and I woke. I looked like I was high. Oh shit. I can’t remember any of this! My heart started to pound.

I was starting to get all scared and nervous at the same time. What did he do? I watched intently.

“hey baby, rise and shine. I got something interesting for you.” He said.

“yeah? What? I feel a bit weird though” I said.

“it’s okay. You’re fine. You’ll feel a lot better with our little game today. And we have a playmate.”

“what game? Who?” I was confused.

“the game we always play. It doesn’t matter babe. You don’t have to know him. All you have to do is to feel him.”

And I didn’t got the chance to say anything cause he was already in my mouth. However, the other guy which he referred to as our ‘playmate’, already sat beside me and kissed me at my neck. Then afterwards, mike’s hand travelled down my body. His hands went over my chest and fondled my breast. Pinching and playing with my nipples as they stood erect under that lacy bra.

Then afterwards, down under. He undid the lock of the lace wear and inserted his fingers inside to pleasure me. He stimulated me by flicking my clit. The other guy was now onto my breast. I could see that I was so helpless at the time and all I do was make moan noises. It seems I was so pleasured by what they were doing. I was cringing underneath them. It seemed to pleasure them as well. The other guy, at first he was holding my breast and was playing with my nipples. imitating how mike had done them earlier. Afterwards, as my nipples were both hard and erect, he let them spring free from the lace and now, they were exposed. He started to suck on them one at a time.

As he started sucking on them, mike was already fingering me. he was already inserting two to three fingers inside me and then pulling them out continuously. And when I was already wet and slippery, he signaled the other guy. The other guy stopped sucking and tugging at my nipples. he then went on to plant traces of kisses from my chest down to my abdomen until he reached my pubes. Mike stopped kissing me and he started to undress.

As he was already bare, he let me put my hand over his member then he whispered to me “now it’s your turn to pleasure me baby” so I gave him a hand job while he was kissing me. On the other hand, the other guy started to eat me slowly.

At first he blew at my sex, tickling my pubes and my clit. I shuddered. And as I shuddered under him, I gripped firmly to mike’s big penis which makes him go wild and kiss me hard. I was so turned on by his moans so I tried to grip him firmly and rub him fast and hard. The other guy then, ran his tongue from the tip of my slit then slowly to my clit. Then he was licking me all over.

His tongue was so firm that its pressure against my sex heightens up the sensation I was feeling all over my body. I can’t contain the sensations and as I was so pleased with what the other guy was doing, I hold onto his head, disheveling his hair. He was already holding down my legs for I cant make them still with all of the sensations I was feeling. I could already feel my orgasm building up. And just as I was about to explode and reach my climax, I felt them stop.

Suddenly mike was already on top of me. actually he was on top of my chest as he knelt on the bed. I could see his penis right before my eyes. It was already wet on the tip.

I could already see secretions on it and he rubbed it around my breast to my nipples then he spoke “do you feel how you make me so hard babe?” then he continued rubbing his hard penis with precum onto my other breast then afterwards he let it travel upward my neck then to my chin and then to my lips. I was staring at him.

“I want you to make me harder.” Then he forced his penis into my lips so I opened my mouth and he started fucking me slowly.

I remembered the times how I tried to blowjob my boyfriend so I did the same. I stiffened my tongue and tried to run it around his penis as he went in and out of my mouth slowly. I could taste the tang of his secretions.

And then suddenly the other guy ate me too. f*ck. He was soo good. I could hear mine and mike’s moans. It was so inviting. And my orgasm started to build up again. I was already cringing under them. And then they stopped again. Shit. I think they were already doing it in purpose.

Then the other guy said “it seems I have pleasured her more than enough. I guess it’s about time for her to return the favor”

I heard mike chuckled and then they positioned me to the doggie style. The other guy positioned himself at my face while mike was at my behind. I saw the other guy as he undid his underpants and let his penis rest before my face.

“come on baby girl. Eat me like I ate you” then with no other choice I put him in my mouth and at the same time I felt mike smashed into me without any warning. Then they fucked me both. Mike started to move slowly, making me savor the feeling of him slowly slipping in and out of me. it was so delicious. The feeling of him penetrating me deeply and with just enough force to make me moan when inside is so ecstatic, as ecstatic as the feeling of him slowly sliding out of me as I feel his big penis rub against from the inside and also rub against my clit as he goes outside.

Then the other guy was moaning too. I think he likes the blowjob he’s getting. I tried to imitate what I did to mike and tried to suck him hard making him shake. I think as a reward, he started fondling my breasts and then touching me sensually at my back. They both found their rhythm. And as they did, they started to fuck me harder.

Both of them picked up some pace and used force. Though the other guy was a bit gentle because he might trigger my gag reflex. Then mike slammed into me harder and harder making me scream my moans out loud. Then he started spanking me at my behind which makes me shake.

Then the pleasure went so wild again and I started to feel my orgasm build up again. And now they didn’t stop. They continued on and then as I cant contain the sensations any longer, I quivered. My vagina contracted and had its sweet vibrations. Mike came into me. I felt his penis pump his ejaculations into my insides as my vagina simultaneously contracted.

Same goes with the other guy. I tasted the saltiness of his viscous fluid. It was so warm. As he pulled out from my mouth, he closed them and looked me in the eye and said, “drink it babe.” Their was a seriousness in his gaze that made me swallow. “good girl” then, he went to change places with Mike.

But Mike insisted that I clean my self up first and so I did and They halped me too, while both of them fondles my breast. I can see their smiles as they do.

Then after that they swapped. Mike told me to go on all fours and gestured me to suck his big penis and I obeyed as the other guy slowly rubs his cock on my entrance and I moaned in ecstasy.

Then as i suck Mike I can feel him slowly entering me and he's increasing his pace. He's a tad smaller than Mike but he's good. As the other guy is fucking me, Mike seems to enjoy the fellatio i'm giving him while he cupped my breasts.

As i'm watching this video i felt ashamed. How could I allow yet another guy to fuck me? And heck I even swallowed his cum when i didn't even swallowed my boyfriend's.

A couple of minutes later Mike stopped me and told the guy to take his time while he changed on his clothes. It seems he's going to buy something outside.

After he left me and the guy alone, the other guy changed our position in missionary and kissed me while fondling my breasts. Then he positioned me on top of him while he sucked my nipples. It seems i like what he is doing to me as i moan in ecstasy.

As i watched, he again changed our position in missionary and picked up his paced and a couple of minutes later he cummed inside. 

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