Great Escape: 9th floor (2)

December 21, 2015 (2 years ago)
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As we're driving off, i was contemplating what am i doing. This is wrong. I have a boyfriend but another part of me tells me to just follow this man. And I did. It's just this time. Hindi na masusundan ulit. I promised myself. An empty promise. This is my great escape.

We arrived at a luxurious hotel. It was really nice that i felt i was underdressed for it. As we both got out of his car, a valet approached and he handed him his keys. Then the valet drove off to park the car. As i was staring at the hotel entrance, dumbfounded again, he reached for my hand and clasp it with his. Then he let me turn and look at him. When our eyes met, i could see this seductive look and i try to look away. He's so distracting me.

Then he held my chin for me to face him then he flashed this great smile "come. Let me take care of you now" i dont even know what that means and he walked on, dragging me behind.
As we entered the elevator, he pressed 9 and immediately the door closed. And as the door closed, it was too late. I was dumbfounded again. All of a sudden i was face to face with him. His body pressed into mine. And i could feel him, just a bit below my navel. And he keeps on pressing it on me as he kissed me on my neck and carresed my hair and my bottom at the same time. His light kisses on my neck makes my hair stand on end. It was weird yet pleasurable. Then i could feel his hands touching my left breast. And then it came to me that we're in an elevator. So i tried to push him off again but to no avail.

"Babe, whats the matter? I know you want me too. So dont hold back. Ill take care of you"

"Uhm its just that what if the door opens and somebody sees us?"

"Trust me. Itll go up staight to our floor so dont worry. No one ever bothers to stay in the corridors"

And it did went straight to the ninth floor and yes, nobody was in the corridors. He led me to his room.
The room was great. It definitely complements the aura of sophistication from the lobby. I admired the simple chandelier upon the dining area. The crystals were magnificent. As i was lost in my own thoughts, he didnt interrupt me. He gave me time to marvel at the room.

Then he said, "when youre ready babe, ill see you in my room"then he winked at me and he entered the room.

I know it was my chance to escape from all of this. F*ck my purse. Theres nothing really important in there anyway. Except my ATM, 4000 pesos and my license. Crap. But this is wrong. I could just take a cab home or maybe call someone. But i dont know. I was glued to the  The room was great. It definitely complements the aura of sophistication from the lobby. I admired the simple chandelier upon the dining area. The crystals were magnificent. As i was lost in my own thoughts, he didnt interrupt me. He gave me time to marvel at the room. Then he said, "when youre ready babe, ill see you in my room" then he winked at me and he entered the room.

I know it was my chance to escape from all of this. F*ck my purse. Theres nothing really important in there anyway. I could just take a cab home or maybe call someone. But i dont know. I was glued to the ground and i was attracted to this mysterious person, so i just found myself walking towards the room.

"Good girl. I thought you are going to ditch me. I knew you want something from me too." Then he grinned and looked at his erection and straight back at me. I looked away. Then he went up to me.

"Oh babe, im not naive and i think you are not to. You said you had a boyfriend but what are you doing here with me if you do not want this?"

He placed my hands around his waist and held my face
"youre mine for now. And i am yours too. So free yourself. If it bothers you too much, just imagine im your boyfriend, only better"

He tucked my hair under my ear then whispered "so what i want you to do is go to the restroom, remove your shirt and shorts and get back to me in your undies. I want to be the one to get you naked" then he slapped my butt. In the restroom, i was a bit panicky. Cause ive never done this before. And yet his voice echoes in my head

"you want this. Free yourself. You are mine" damn. It was so damn sexy. Just hearing it in my head feels like he is touching me all over.

And so i closed my eyes and tried to touch myself for awhile. Just to shake off my nervousness. I put my hands at the back of my neck and i tried to slid them down my cleavage slowly as i held my boobs. I squeezed them lightly then tightly. I never realized that due to the sweet sensations i feel down under, my hips are already swaying. It was as if i was sexy dancing. And then i imagined him again holding me so i slid down my hand down my belly and then to the hem of my panty. As my other hand tries to carress my upper parts, especially my boobs, the other one i slid down my undergarment.

Before i was about to reach my clitoris, i felt someone grasping hands trying to restrain me. Then he whispered in my ear "you bad girl. Thats why i was wondering whats taking you so long. Damn. Youre depriving me of this beautiful sight, pleasuring yourself" " i just felt the need to. So i could you know. With you" i said flatly.

"Oh i like this. Youre already putting effort for me eh? Hah. I bet you dont do this to your boyfriend. Anyway, i hate to interrupt you but i would like to join you"

then he planted kisses on my nape and at the sides of my neck. And my whole back was pressed again against him. It was then that i realized that he was not wearing any towel anymore. His bare erection touching my buttocks.

Damn. It has gotten me so aroused and then his hand guided mine under my panty. I shuddered every time we touch my clitoris and then he let me flick it as he inserted his fingers inside me. Aaah! It was so delicious. As he goes in and out of me my body trembles and follows a rhythm with his, making me feel his erection deeper to my skin. It was so hot and hard already.

"Hmmm. Touch me please. Touch me" i cried.

"Where babe? Where do you want me?" Then i placed his other hand at my chest. He fondled with my breast and played with my nipples. Damn. I could already feel the pleasure building up inside me
And then we kissed.

Aaah it was so pleasurable. All of the sensations at once. And then he removed his hand from my wet vagina and from my breast and undid my bra.

They sprung free and he said "i like your melons. Theyre soft but firm. And i love how big they are. Youre boyfriend mustve loved them too." Its a D-cup i muttered to myself.

Then he let me face him and kissed me hard. We kissed for about a minuted while he was playing with my chests, tugging my nipples once in a while, sucking on them and the other hand plays with my vagina. Damn. He was so skilled. My boyfriend is quite good but not this good. He is hands are like magic. He has this rythmn that is making me crazy and when i thought he couldnt handle it anymore he lifted me up and threw me in bed.

He was standing and he grinned and just as that he went to the bed and got on top of me and he kissed me again. He caressed my breasts and sucked on them again. He fondles my right breast while he sucks at my left nipples. The way his tongue moves is making me crazy.

After that he planted kisses on my chest, to my navel and to my hips and then he sat and looked at me while grinning. I can't take it anymore I am so wet. I want him so bad. I gestured him to remove my panty now. He went to touch my breast again and then he touched me indirectly in my sex. Then licked me while im still wearing my black undergarment.

I thought he would slid down my panty as i gestured him to, he went closer, put my legs down and got hold of my panty. Next thing i know he ripped it apart and he saw the shock on my face "sorry, i just love to do that. It makes me feel dominant and as i told you, i love hunting my prey. Im a damn predator. Raaar. And now im gonna eat you up" it all happened so fast.

I was still in the middle of processing what he just said and then i just heard myself moaning in pleasure. He was eating me like a fierce predator. I felt his firm tongue encircling my clitoris, while he is ravaging my boobs with his rough and big hands. It was hot and wet and i cant keep myself from convulsing. It felt like he was draining my energy with every lick and kiss.

He muttered "I love how your pussy smells so good. It must be well maintained" and chuckled and  continue to eat me up. 

Aaah i want him already. I just kept on moaning which turned him on and a few minutes later I came.This is the best oral sex i had so far. My boyfriend is still sloppy when giving me one. I dont wanna compare because right now I am being a bad partner. I am so sorry but i cant stop right now. Weeks of not having sex just aided to build up my libido.

 And then  lifted upto the bed with our bodies pressed against each other. When i reached the edge of the bed, he pushed me down. Then he stood there. Showing me all of his manliness. I cant believe that i could meet someone with this size. I remembered the times when I and my bf watched porn which he insisted. Those inhumane sizes of penises.

My boyfriend's dick is not so bad either, around 6 inches but this thing right before my eyes is thicker and definitely longer and above average. I didnt know i could live to see an actual one.

He saw the fascination in my eyes "told you i am better than your lover boy. Do you want me now?" I just grinned at him and i raised my legs and pointed to my vagina which is so wet. I couldnt hold back anymore. I want him inside.

And then he positioned himself on top of me. We were face to face. I could still see the wetness of his mouth and then he said "i want you to taste yourself" and so he kissed me hard. I could taste the saltiness but damn it was sooo sexy. I was so lost in that kiss that i didnt realize where the other sensation was coming from.

And then i felt he was rubbing his erection against my wet opening. And unconsciously my body adapted his rhythm. Aaaah. The way he slid his penis' head up and down on my sooo wet pussy was so enticing. It was so inviting. And then he stopped.

"Please, dont stop" i whimpered.

"Why baby? What do you want now?"

"Please. Its soo goood. F*ck, i want you in."

"Tell me please what do you want?"

"I want you in please"

"Not good enough. I want it naughty babe"

"please..." i pleaded.

"Thats not naughty now, is it?" And he tried to rub it Again. Then stopped.

"Come on baby, tell me. Seduce me into it"

I was already a bit furious so with a fierce seducting look i looked into his eyes and told him in the sexiest voice i could muster"i want you to have sex with me now, babe. Fuck me"

then he smiled "as you wish maam" and then he thrust into me. Hard. I moaned so loud because it took me by surprise and the overwhelming feeling was too much.

I could feel him ripping me apart. I felt so full. Yet it was so delicious with every thrust. I was already arching my back as the sensations surge in. He was so big yet it was easy for him to go in and out of me. Geez i was so wet. So wet for him. He feels harder with every thrust. And with the way he kissed. It was sensatiable.

And then as the goddess in me awakened, i pushed him over and let him lie on his back without letting him slide out of me. Then i fucked him. I thrusted hard to as my breasts went wild. I could see enjoys what i was doing and what he is seeing because he grabbed them again and sucked on them.

I pleasured myself with his erection. I rubbed my vagina against it and just as i was close to having my orgasm, he laid me on my back and thrusted again. His thrusts were at a moderate speed. But it was firm.We changed from doggie position and he even fucked me in different positions that my boyfriend and i have'nt still tried. 

And after 40 minutes we switched back to missionary position while he was fucking me hard then i convulsed under him, feeling the delicious feeling in my groins, he was still. Then i felt vibrations from his massive erection.

It was so delicious. Damn. The way he pumped into me while i orgasm. A... Read More

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