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January 15, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Good Day fellow FSS Readers and Chatters,

I would personally would like to thank everyone for giving me a chance to be the Head of events for the Grand Eyeball. I would also like to thank sir Bebe and the rest of the Executive Committee that pave the way for this GEB to Happen. I would also like to thank Admin for giving us a way to connect cyberneticly with our long lost FSS Family.

I would be start making the program and would like to hear all your comments and suggestions about it.
If you can suggest games that are a little naughty why not. Or segments that can be part of it.

The Program committee is composed of Sir Raincup, Ms. Pilyang pasaway, Ms. Martini and Ms. Jazmine. I would need other members to step up to help in the Event. If you are free and willing to help please PM me or post in the blog.

I am also looking for singers, dancers, entertainers that can perform as an... Read More

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