Goodbye to Love

February 13, 2014 (4 years ago)
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She let herself inside the gates of home. The house is small but it has love and it was theirs. She went into the bedroom, strip the clothes she was wearing the whole day, remove her shoes as the cat wound in and out of her legs like a ribbon.

She sat down on the floor and put the cat on her lap and started scratchingand scolding him. After a while he arrived home and found her there, happy andplayful. With his suit still on, he sat down beside her with a smile and said, "I've missed you today. I"ve gotten used to having you all to myself." "You missed the sex." "Absolutely, but i missed that face of yours as well."
She gave his tie a tug, "I thought you were going to stop wearing so many clothes?" "They frown on less during meetings." "What do they know, I think you should be naked."

"Golly, I was just thinking the same about you." Reaching out, he grabbed the neckline of her shirt as he tried to deepen the kiss. She took the cat's place in his lap, wrap her legs around, her arms around his neck. "Maybe I missed your face."

Maybe you missed the sex." I guess it can be both." She laid her lips on his, "yeah, it can definitely be both." She shoved the jacket off his shoulder, tugged it off. He simply rolled her shirt over her head.

"See how easier mine are?" Youve got all these buttons." She attacked them while she let his hands roam over her body. He love the feel of her. It was his and she give it to him without reservation. Her fingers, impatient and quick, dealt with buttons, pulled open his shirt. Their eyes met, hers that gilded brown and aware. Watching her, he cupped her breasts, slid his thumbs back and forth over her until that awareness deepened. When he took her mouth again, she pressed against him, center to center.

The beat of his blood quickened to a fierce and primal rhythm driving the need to possess. But when he would pushed her back to the floor, she shifted her weight and took him down. Her breath already unsteady, feathered over his lips. "Sometimes you've just gotta take it." She caught his bottom lip in her teeth, tugged.

She used her teeth again, on his throat, on his shoulder while her hand snaked between them to open his pants. She felt his muscles coil and and release.. All the power, she thought under her. All that he was, hers for the taking. The thrill of that rode inside her while she helped herself, stirred him as she wanted him stirred until that power quivered for her.

He was hard and smooth and she used her hands, her mouth to pleasure and torment. Used her body to tease and arouse until her own needs nearly swallowed her. He rolled, pinned her, his eyes looking through her.."Now you'll take it," he said and preceeded to destroy her.. She cried out once as those hands used her, ruthlessly. He drenched her, saturated her with sensations that robbed her breath, shuddered through her body in choppy, drowning waves.

When she trembled, he hiked up her hips and plunged into her.. Filled and surrounded, caught and found. Craved. Power merged into power now as they drove each other.. Once again their eyes met, and he saw that deep gilded brown and he let himself fall into them...and after a while they slept, arms and legs tangled with each other...

Early in the morning, she woke up, took a bath and wore the clothes she had the day before. Took her bags from the closet and took them out of the room. She went back in and look at the face of the man she shared her life with for two years. She lovingly traced her fingers on his face, his lips and kissed him. She heared him say her name and almost changed her mind.

As she was about to go out of the room, she looked back at him... Read More

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