Goodbye, Sheep. Hello, Monkey!

February 7, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Goodbye, Sheep. Hello, Monkey!In the spirit of this year’s Chinese New Year celebration, I am blogging about the common misconceptions regarding the Filipino-Chinese people and traditions in general.

Here it goes…

1. Pula para swelte!

Wrong. Red shirts and dresses are usually worn during Chinese New Year not because it’s swerte per se, but because it wards off malas. In the ancient days, it is believed that a dragon disturbed the peace in a village and it was only on New Year ’s Eve that the villagers hanged red cloths and lanterns and the dragon fled away because it was scared of the color red.

2. Dami Ang Pao, dami pera!

Wrong. Ang Pao, a small red envelope with Chinese characters, are given away not to be spent on whims and caprices. It is given to family members so as to signify luck and prosperity. It must be kept inside the wallet the whole year round to attract money.

3. Intsik = Kuripot!

Wrong. The apt word should be matipid. I say for certain that most Fil-Chinese households are not kuripot. It just boils down to the fact that we value our hard-earned money. Let me share to you my own taste of this “hard-earned money” concept. Growing up, I enjoyed being pampered. But as soon as I graduated from college, I was warned by my dad that he’ll cut off my allowance as well as my cards. Why? Because I had to earn for myself. Either I work for his business or I put up one of my own. That is just not my thing so I opted to study again. Allowance back on track, baby! But seriously though, as what my dad would always tell me, “Your expenses should not exceed your income.”

4. Big-time negosyo, laki kita!

Wrong. The flashier the business is, the more chances of it gaining a smaller income than that of the small-time or micro businesses. Why? Simply because, a big chunk of our population belong to the masses, which then earn the meager minimum wage. Where do you think these respective people spend their hard-earned money? Of course, they spend it on basic needs. Food, shelter, clothing, etc. Do they go to posh cafes to sip their lattes and update their social media? No. They prioritize the needs of their family. To do that, they opt for the stuff that’s abot-kaya. Again, in the wise words of my dad, “Ang pera, nasa masa.” So, it does not matter even if it’s just a small-time business for as long as the money keeps on coming in.

These are just a few of the common misconceptions. What I really wanted to blog about is the 12 Chinese signs and their corresponding Feng Shui predictions on health, wealth, career, and love.

But then I’ve realized that, perhaps some of you do not subscribe to such predictions. Besides, if you guys really want to achieve success and prosperity this Chinese Lunar Year 2016, you need not succumb to charms and crystals nor go through such lengths of renovating your houses. The best Feng Shui does not lie on predictions and precious ge... Read More

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