Goodbye FSS (The Making??)

November 25, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Please take time to read and I wish na hindi ibaklasin ni Admin ito. hehe

First of all I would like to say,
saying "Goodbye" does'nt always mean "I'm leaving.".

Now i've decided to repost this one kase pinagtawanan nya ako. Hehehe paalis-alis pero babalik din daw. Nakakatawa nga naman. Hahaha

So now I would like to make my self clear (At ayaw ko ipares ako sa iba.) kase sya ay isa sa mga tao dito na binibiigyan ko ng importansya, kaya ayoko naman na pagtawanan nya ako. haha

Now here it is,


When I first started visiting FSS, I had absolutely no plan posting a certain story or whatsoever.
In fact, I did'nt know what to write about concerning its theme.
(Malinaw na hindi naman talaga ako Erotic writer NOON.)

I see writings as an Art.
Indeed it is my passion.
When I first write down my first poetry back in 2002, I know I would never stop from there, although I did'nt know how to self-publish my works, thru books or whatsoever.
(My struggles as an aspiiring writer.)

Thanks to the internet world.
I've created a Blog, and a Wordpress as well, but it seems that they did'nt work out. I can't find readers out of all the professional blogger in the wide world. No one reads me.
(still struggling...)

I've joined the FSS, but I guess it really does'nt make sense at all,
I mean hey, i almost died crazy thinking about unique and brilliant story or poetry, and I want the world to read it, furtherly I want to know if i'm improving, but as I expected as always, after you posted a Brilliant Writing, you'll only get two or three comments.
(This is a general observation about THE PAST FSS. way back in time. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW IF I'M IMPROVING.)

I forced myself to keep the water flowing from the river, wishing I could get a bit likes and views.
(Ito yung pinu-push ko lagi sa readers, take time to hit likes if you like the story. Kase madalas may let's say 50 comments ang isang story stating na nagustuhan nila pero 0 likes. Mahalag yun, wag natin balewalain.)

I know this is something that I could'nt understand,
I know I have no control over the readers sees in me.
Well I think, my perseverance is getting weaker and weaker.
(So heto na ang TUNAY na drama sa post na ito.)

The thing is, It is trully a very difficult and a kind of impossible dreams and journey for me.
I guess I need a break.
(Nandito naman pressure ko for my DREAM.)


So malinaw naman siguro na wala ako sinabing iiwan ko ang FSS noong mga panahon na yon. TULAD ng sinabi ko, I JUST NEED A BREAK. Napaaga lang ang balik ko kase naman naexcite ako dun sa pinlanong GEB, pero hindi naman ako nakasama. Hehehe
At nagbalik ako with the SAME username.

Maraming beses kong ginulo si Admin sa twing tatamaan ako ng PANGHIHINANG LOOB. Andami ko drama sa kanya hanggang sa magsawa na sya.
Naalala ko s... Read More

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