Getting Up Close with Sir's Anatomy

March 7, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Getting Up Close with Sir's AnatomyThis is my third submission in this site and  the third part of my stories. Please read the first and second part before reading this one. 

Sobrang cute niya that time. He was fucking adorable. I had to smile at his uncomfortableness.

Sinaksak ko yung dual jack adaptor ko then I held out one of my headphones to him. (Lagi akong merong dala na extrang headphones just incase masira yung gamit ko. Ang dali masira ng mga headphones ngayon, it’s like they’re made to be disposable)

He took it and put them on. I put my own headphone on and then try to become at ease. (Hindi ka naman kase araw araw makakapanood ng gay porn with another man, especially when you’re both not even gay, yet)

Medyo uncomfortable yung pwesto namin sa kama. Not really uncomfortable, pero when you’re gonna watch porn, you kind a like to watch it like nakahiga or somehow reclined. Naka upo ako sa gilid nung bed and he was kneeling on the bed to my side.

“Tara ga dito sa bandang gitna. Yanong hirap ga ng pwesto diyan ay”, sabi nya as he was slithering back to the spot he was masturbating a moment ago (Ang hot talaga nung image na yun, hindi mabura sa isipan ko e).

Hindi ko alam kung san ako pu-pwesto. Since nasa right hand yung tab ko, I decided to pwesto at his left.
Unlike snuggling up to a woman, there is a different feel when you’re lying close to a man. Like I told you, I’ve been with a number of women, and it felt like somehow they were all the same—in terms of feel (lying next to) that is.

Nung naka pwesto na kami, I pressed the play button.


It was the first time I got to watch a gay porn. I watched that movie by Brilliante Mendoza with Coco Martin, the one where he worked at the sinehan (nalimutan ko na yung title), and that is the closest video I have watched resembling a gay porn film.

The film was well made. I am a MassComm student so I know it was well made. Actors were great… and hot (as I have only noticed how attractive men can get).

There was an older man and a younger man.

The older man was hairy, thick beard, probably in his late 40’s or early 50’s, he was very muscular and fat at the same time. He had a small uncut dick. The younger man was probably in his late 20’s, muscular. He was bearded also, but a thin one, more like a 5’o clock shadow, pogi. But the older man struck my attention more.

The story was about a student and a professor. The young man was sort of a delinquent pero matalino. He was really trying hard to make the professor notice him and so on. Soft core sya and very romantic and erotic.

Ang intense nung mga halikan (Intense ako humalik sa babae pag libog na libog ako pero ibang klase yung itsura nung actors. Pag kase sa babae, yung lalaki ang gumagaod, dun sa dalawang lalake, walang nag papatalo.)

Ilang beses akong napalunok ng laway (Tanggala! nag lalaway ako ngayon).

Yung younger man yung bumaba dun sa older guy. Hindi talaga kalakihan yung utin nung professor, being erect siguro around 3 or 4 inches lang yung, pero menacing yung itsura kase ang kapal ng mga litid and may katabaan din.

Naka close up yung scene sa mouth nung younger man. Medyo naiilang pa yung professor pero halatang nag eenjoy. Intensely nyang pinapanood yung ginagawa nung studyante nya sa kanya. Ang mas intense pa, naka lock yung eyes nilang dalawa sa isa't isa. You can literally melt candles between the stares of the two.

The student would swallow the old man's dick whole, suck it greedily. And then you can see the professor would hold the student's head and fuck the mouth. Ang sarap umungol nung matanda, throaty and very animalistic.

Every once and a while mag po-focus lang yung student sa head nung utin and then he would lick the whole shaft and then eat his professor's balls (Halimaw yung bayag! Lawlaw na lawlaw, ang laki--dun bumawi yung professor).

I felt a slight movement.

I was so enticed to the video I didn't noticed the action going on just at the back of the tab. Slow lang yung motion ng hands ni Sir pero... Read More

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