Getting into my mind, getting into my panties - Devline's Fetishes #2

May 22, 2014 (4 years ago)
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I didn't know that being abandoned by someone I respect and admire would bring me intense orgasm until recently! Long story short, I met this girl online whom I shall call "Denice". She was a fledgling writer like myself and we shared sex stories and our fantasies together. We were both on the same wavelength - lahat ng ikinalilibog nya ay ikinalilibog ko din. So most often than not, while we're exchanging erotic stories, we'd engage in eroticizing each other. We even exchanged FB accounts to see how the other chats with other men.

Then one day we talked about getting fucked in a dark alley and then abandoned like a used toy. Then I added, "Hindi ba mas nakakalibog if you were used (fucked) and then later abandoned by someone you trust?" tapos sinabi nya, "Oo nga sis! Mas nakakalibog yun!"

We also engaged in Humiliating and Degrading each other. Our typical conversation would go like this:

Me: Hello pokpok na Denice!
Her: Hello din, pokpok!
Me: Musta pagiging pokpok mo, Denice?
Her: Eto, OK lang. Madami din naman kumantot sayo, di ba, pokpok?
Me: Oo naman, malandi kasi tayo di ba?
Her: Oo nga sis kong pokpok, malandi nga tayo.

Then one day (yesterday) I found out I couldn't login my FB account. I tried to login her FB account and I couldn't log it in either. So I logged in my dummy account and asked her why if she changed my FB password. She only said the following:

"Pasensya ka na sis pero akin na itong FB account mo. Maraming salamat at may mapaglalaruan akong account maliban dito sa account ko. Buti na lang at uto-uto kang puta ka. Gusto ko malaman mo na ginamit lang kita para malibugan ako at makuha itong account mo. Pasensya na pero wala ka ng silbi para sa akin. Hanggang dito na lang ang pakinabang ko sayo."

After that, she blocked my dummy account. As I was reading her final message to me, my heart was thumping like crazy. Not because I'm mad. It's because of being used, mistreated, humiliated and abandoned. It was indeed a first for me. I didn't know I could experience such a rush from... Read More

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