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May 17, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Hi again guys! I really enjoy my stay at this website. Although I can rarely post since I got lots of work piled up. I'm sorry about those trying to reach me thru Private Messaging. I hope I can get back to all of you really soon.

Anyways, I had a chat with someone recently and it was quite refreshing having a chat with him. I really like a fuck buddy that doesn't care if you don't have a webcam, won't give your phone number or won't even engage in long as you can deliver (and by I mean deliver, make him rock hard and cum)

This person whom I chatted with was into roleplaying. So I decided to "fulfill" whatever he's craving for --- a sex slave. He'd ocassonally call me degrading names such as PUTA, POKPOK, PAKANTUTIN and the likes, but instead of being offended, I got real horny. It's the first time someone called me that and frankly getting degraded like that makes me feel really hot.

Then he'd talk about his plans for me, he'd rent me out to his friends. At about 200 pesos per person who wants to fuck me. Then I asked: "Bakit ang mura?" to which he answered: "Para mas marami kumantot sayo, PUTA KA!" This was the guy I was looking for I thought. Although SEB was still out of the picture. >_<

Then he'd go over some of his plans for me again, saying he wanted to impregnate me or at least get some of his friends to impregnate me then abandon me when I get pregnant and never contact me again. When I asked why he would abandon me, he said: "Wala eh, buntis ka na namin, wala na kami pakinabang sayo. At hindi naman natin alam kung sino ang ama nyan sa dami ba naman ng kumantot sayo PUTA KA." I instantly came when he said those words. Of course being impregnated then abandoned is something I don't want to happen to m... Read More

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