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Fulfilled Fantasy - Unfulfilled Expectations

July 24, 2016 (1 year ago)
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I recently experienced a disappointment. Well, not so much as a let down but more of an expectation not met. It wasn't so bad, just that realization hit me - fantasy is much better staying as fantasy.

Watching porn really stimulates my libido. During nights when I feel the urge to have a release, I watch porn to help me speed up the process.

When I discovered this community, additional options comes my way. Reading erotic stories open up a whole new world for me. Some comes as a shocker, few I tried for myself.

It wasn't so long ago that I fantasized about watching a couple have wild sex in front of me. I mean, if porn could arouse me, how much more if it's live and in close proximity?

That's what I thought...

Until it happens.

It didn't.

I hadn't felt anything at all. Not a nipple twitch, not a drop of wetness down there.

It's not an experience I would repeat with gusto.

It was nice but not arousing for me.

I am thankful for the couple who trusted me to watch them and if they are reading this, I wanted them to know that the problem is with me and not with the way they did it.

Maybe, I am not just cut out for it?

If they would permit, i'd tell the story of that night and let everyone who care to read know how hot it was.

One friend told me this:

Ganun naman tayo pag may hinahangad mas masarap pa yung anticipation of having to fulfill kesa the fulfillment itself...

Isa lang masasabi ko, curious ka lang kung ano mararamdaman sakaling makapanood ng ganyan. At least, now you know...

Para bang nai-promote mo sa sarili mo na siguro ma... Read More

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