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RULES OF ENGAGEMENT The no-nos to remember before saying yes to a fuck buddy.

1. NO BONE, NO BONER. Talk and tease, and if she’s interested, she’ll send them right back, along with a lean or a touch of your arm that lingers longer than the usual – good signs. Be slow and patient, though as the last thing you want to do is drive her away.

2. NO PRETENTIONS. Women are smart; they recognize that, largely, their FBs are being nice to ensure a sequel. And to some extent, that’s fine. But don’t go overboard and get all mushy with texts like the classic, “kumain ka na?” Unless you wish you were eating her, that’s just being pretentious.

3. NO EXPECTATIONS. You both know that this is temporary. Don’t expect, ask for, or demand exclusivity, especially if you cant give it yourself.

4. NO MISLEADING. If you’re seriously seeing someone else or in another relationship already, then tell your FB. That also goes for getting too attached. If you’re honestly starting to fall for her, then tell your FB and make a 
graceful exit. Besides, you know what they say, a sayonara shag is one of the best.

5. NO NAMES. Out of decency, always keep names and identities out of it. That goes for other pieces of evidence, too like MMS or pictures stored in your phone.

6. NO OFFENSE. If she cant take a booty call or has to bail at the last minute on a scheduled one, don’t sulk and take offense. Same thing goes for comfort levels. If she doesn’t want to hold your hand or let you go down on her, don’t  take it personally.

7. NO GLOVE, NO LOVE. While your... Read More

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