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FSS Writers' Guidelines

October 26, 2014 (3 years ago)
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A. Anything that is written originally and privately here at FSS is copyrighted and protected whether it has a notice or not. However, to strengthen the protection, you may attach a copyright statement to any posted story/ confession/ blog by warning others. This is the simplest and most basic way to protect your work/s.

Sample statement:

©2014 Mr. M. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author by any means available.

B. Write and submit your original story. If you write a story using a part of another writer's work, such as the setting or characters, you definitely need that writer's permission.

C. As the original writer of any copied and reposted story/ confession/ blog of which you haven't given your consent (the act having occurred before the posting of these guidelines), you have the right to ask the Admin to immediately remove such story / confession / blog and the culprit will be subject to a disciplinary action.

You may likewise ask the Admin to have the post removed at any time even if consent was given prior to its posting because, you, as the original writer, have all the rights to your work.

This also applies to old stories / confessions / blogs reposted with your consent but were not given the appropriate disclosure or acknowledgement.


This applies to ALL posts, including but not limited to Sex Stories, Blogs, Poems.

E. Thus, if in case you have first published the posted story / confession / blog in some other sites using a different handle or username, you must disclose it at the beginning of the post and must do the same in every chapter thereof, in case of a multi-part story, to establish ownership.

Notify the readers that all the bylines of the said story / article used in the other sites pertain to one and the same author (you).

F. To reiterate, erotic stories / sex confessions / blogs submissions must conform to the site’s rules, which includes, the age of the character/s in a sex scene/s must NOT be under eighteen (18) years old and that any term that insinuates pedophilia and/or minor (in a sex scene) is NOT allowed.

All erotic stories / sex confessions / blogs that contain references to pedophilia and/or minors in a sex scene (not only the actual age but also the terms used) will be put on hold until the post is edited. Also, the writer of the said post is given a violation warning for the first offense.

For a repeated offense, upon the Admin's discretion, the post may be removed, and the writer will either be suspended or banned from the site depending on the degree of their obstinacy.

G. If any sourced-out information was used in your writing/s, add more details to your refer... Read More

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