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October 21, 2014 (3 years ago)
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We've been observing and analyzing past comments and chats. We feel that it's time to render the site's stand on certain issues.

Our FSS, first and foremost, is an erotic story site but we also recognize that it's a good tool to create relationships. We suggest that you might also want to use other options like FB, YM, Skype, Viber etc., to avoid heavy reliance on FSS in pursuing it.

Our CHATROOM should be utilized for the purpose of having light conversations with each other. Enjoy its fruits and benefits. Leave all your personal issues behind and just have fun with each other.

We strongly discourage insinuations that FSS is something that it's not. Please know that we set the site's rules based on our judgment so do not challenge it directly. Use the private messaging (PM) to reach us and other members as this is the most civil way to steer clear of any misunderstanding.

Furthermore, do not use FSS to push any personal agenda or vendettas as we won't hesitate to suspend your account/s.

Also, please be reminded of the site’s Disclaimer and note of the last item, as follows:

“I will not permit any person to access this site on my behalf or assign the use of my registered account especially to persons who are not legally allowed to do so.”

Allowing others to use your account especially other members who are currently on suspension because of various violations is a direct defiance of the site’s management’s decisions. This is a ground for the automatic suspension of your account/s.

Likewise, please re-visit the site’s Terms of Service,, and the Chatroom rules,, for proper guidance in using the website.... Read More

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