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October 31, 2014 (3 years ago)
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have you ever played FLAMES?
Probably when you are in HS or College.
Now let us try this on FSS Usernames..
let us see how far you can go through with the Guy/Girl..

here are the instructions..

Step 1:
On a sheet of paper, write your username and the username of a person of the opposite sex. Underneath the names, write the word FLAME.

Step 2:
See what letters the names have in common. If any of the letters match on the names, cross out all of that letter on both names. Example, if Samantha and Alexander both have A's in them, you should cross out all of the A's in both of the names. Do this with all letters until none match.

Step 3.
Count all of the leftover letters.

Step 4:
Once you have your number, work your way through the word FLAME, letter by letter. Whatever letter you land on based on the numbers is your destiny with that person.

step 5:
the letters meaning for the words FLAMES shall be changed to..

F- Fuck Buddies..
L- Lovers
A- Anal
E- Enemies

Bonus Round:

Step 6:
Trying using the Letters the correspond to FLAMES to a SEXUAL POSITION that will be best done with the partner:... Read More

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