June 16, 2016 (1 year ago)
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So how should I start?

I'm no one - just a random girl in her early 20s. I never thought I would have a problem dealing with my partner's pleasure. Not that I'm experienced or what. To be honest I have only been with one guy and we never really did 'it'. I gave him head thrice and didn't fail to make him cum. It was easy. 

But now my situation is different since I'm dating a girl. Before I met her, I have never imagined myself being in a same-sex relationship so pleasing a girl wasn't my concern. But now yeah it is. My gf hasn't been with anyone physically or sexually or whatever. And yeah, we're both 'virgins'. Literally. 

We've been together for a few months now. And during our first 'sexy times', I was able to make her cum by licking her clitoris. I thought it would be enough for me but I knew I wanted to try more. Besides, I just can't lick her forever you know. So I tried putting a finger in her P. I think I hurt her. Of course I apologized right away. It didn't bother me at first because I thought I would eventually learn.

But every time I try, I fail. It makes me so sad that I can't make her cum using my fingers. It's frustrating. Last week, I tried doing it again. There was an improvement since I was able to insert my whole middle finger without her feeling any pain but when I started to move it, she said it's still kind of painful so I stopped. She's wet naman. As in basa sa labas. Madulas pa. Pero kapag ipapasok ko na, nasasaktan pa rin siya.

She mentioned last week na

"Hindi ata basa yung finger mo.' (but I was kinda sure it was) and;

"Hindi ata ako basa sa loob?'  (I didn't get this. Still don't.)

Oh gosh. I don't know anymore.  But I think madali siyang 'matuyo'. I, on the other hand, gets so wet easily. And I can stay like that as long as hindi pa ako nilalabasan. 

ANyway, I want to make her feel the way she makes me feel. Since day 1 (of our sexy times and not of dating) she can make me feel good using her tongue, lips and fingers. She could make me cum by finger-fcking me. Although she hurt me once when she tried inserting two fingers. Hindi na muna namin inulit 'yon.

Gosh. It's hard to admit but I think I don't have a talent in making someone wet enough to be ready for penetration. Okay, I just sounded like I have a penis. haha.

Well, I thought it would be easy for me to please my girlfriend since I am a girl as well. But too bad, I was wrong. :(

I really do want to please her. And I don't want our sexlife to be dull and boring just because I can't make her cum using different methods. And medyo nakakapagod (for both of us) kapag puro dila sa clit. Nakakapagod on my part kasi she wants my tongue to move so effing fast. Nakakangawit sa panga. And nakakapagod naman sa part niya kasi even if I want to lick her every minute, may limit din naman ang clitoris natin. Anyway, hindi ako nagrereklamo. haha I honestly enjoy doing that and hearing her moan in the process. But but but but I really want to  be able to do other things withou... Read More

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