May 28, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Sometimes when you least expect it,it happens. You meet someone and feel comfortable
I was a newbie and didn’t know the way to the site. But he was gracious enough to be a guide.
My first friend. There was an instant connection since Am basically not a people person, I don’t warm up right away.I like to be on the sidelights of things and observe and gather enough confidence before i reach out to people. But with him, it was instant.. I was trying to review old convos and tried to put two and two together why we clicked. Or was he just swabe and mabilis and knew the right buttons to be able to be friends with me.
Fun to be with, smart,mabait,..I feel like I can be Me with him,not scared to be around him.Am makulit and though i still have so many baggage’s with me and very vocal about it,he tells me to take each day,one day at a time. I trust him and respect his quirkiness lol
It’s nice to know that even in some unconventional sites like fss, you still can find a person you can be friends with, for being there, for the moments that he makes me laugh, for being patient when am in the madaldal mode even he’s busy he still takes time to have the ‘hahaha’s “ in my silliness and for helping me relax when am in the main room which i appreciate a lot.
Am not sure if he can read this cause he prefers the erotic stories than my taste of writing lol but nonetheless salamat piloto ko. I m... Read More

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