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October 13, 2013 (4 years ago)
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'' drive safe, sweet. here's my me when you're home.'' 
i took the card not saying anything.

''call me, please?'' he said again. this time i managed to smile. 
he kissed me one last time before he went out the car. he watched me leave.
that was one hell of a night.


back at home

''gusto mo ice?'' shane asked.
my mind was wandering i didn't notice she was there.
'' nakalimutan mo ata lagyan ng yelo yang kape mo. iced coffee ata tinimpla mo eh, malamig na o'' she remarked.
''sorry, di kita natawagan na i won't be home.''
''keri lang, sanay naman ako na di ka nauwi ng weekends, but you usually call.''

fuck. get a grip of yourself. damage done. get over it. it was just sex. yeah right one heck of an experience. and my mind continued to wander in tagaytay.


'' my turn'' i confidently said.

hindi ko alam kung san ko hinugot yung lakas ng loob para sabihin yun sa kanya.
i wasn't drunk, that am sure of. i doubt that he drugged me. i just felt loose.
it felt good. and it felt right.

tutal nagmamagaling na rin naman ako... 
i positioned myself on top. sa isip ko i was thinking , loko brace yourself for a great ride. 
my wetness against his hardness, damn it! he's so fucking ready!
i rocked slowly back and forth. i made sure every move would bring goosebumps, atleast
for myself. kada masagi ang clit ko , fuck, cloud 9! i know he can feel me twitching.
who wouldn't right?! i mean getting electrecuted on your most sensitive part? come on!
i was dying slowly already.

i felt weak, so i placed my hands on his  chest seeking support.
i may be inexperienced, but definitely not naive.
he grabbed my neck, so he could kiss me again. those fucking lips i can't get enough of.
and am sure he felt the same. he managed to suck my tongue too. i broke the kiss,
looked at him intensely and let a smile crossed my face. fuck you , my lips motioned.
i saw him grin again.

slowly i moved down his thighs, i knew what was coming, i could see anticipation and excitement all
over his face. put one hand on his abdomen, just below his navel. the other hand reached for his hard proud cock. weird but i think my hands were cold. damn,  halatang di ba sanay?!
di lang sanay makakita upclose ng ganun katikas na... shit ano ngang tawag sa tagalog? titi shit!
he probably saw me swallow and took a deep breath. nakita ko kasing kumunot noo niya eh.
but i won't back down. sinimulan ko na eh, tuloy ang laban!
and down i went to lick his shaft. 

i wasn't thinking. i was just following how my body reacts. thank goodness for those videos i see online.
just grip it. rub it up and down. lick and suck. it felt so damn hot. i feel him watching me closely.
right hand moves up and down the shaft, my tongue tracing the nerve underneath.
i heard him moan, his deep breathing. signs that i was doing good. licked the head just as i practiced it with the vanilla ice cream cone i always eat from ministop. lick around and suck it whole. my hand was going faster rubbing his thing, with my tongue doing the whirl inside. fuck this is so freaking hot. hornier than i ever imagined.

''sweet, your killing me ahhh''
he managed to utter on the sheets. his facial expression, funny haha.
if only his dick isn't inside my mouth, i would have laughed. i may not be an expert on
how to eat a man but i made sure i do it right. and by his reaction, i know he's enjoying.
he sat up, held me by the chin and gave me a torrid kiss i rightfully deserved.

''fuck, where the heck did you learn that?'' he said grinning at me.
he wasted no time. laid my back on the bed, positioned himself between my legs
and said '' your turn'' and winked.

fuck! he's gonna eat me too! para kong may lagnat. ang init init ng pakiramdam. i know that the airconditioner was on but i can barely feel it. all i hear is the loud beating inside my chest, anticipation of his tongue, his mouth finally devouring my flesh. whatever i thought how it would feel when i watch those damn porn flicks, was nothing to how am feeling at the moment. tongue flicking the sides of my pussy, sliding the walls of my labia. ohhhhhh fuck you Andres... i let out a moan everytime his tongue would hit my clit... he was so damn good, my body was trembling in bliss. i was raising my hips closer to him just so to feel the pressure of his tongue inside. fuck this man for giving me this experience. 

i was so damn wet, close to leaking already. i wanted him to fuck me already but he shows no sign of stopping. he let go my right leg and inserted a finger in my soaked pussy just as he rummage my clit with his tongue. i automatically raised my hips in ecstasy. fuck , my cum flowed out. my moans sounded like music to my own ears. i needed a breather, just to slow down my heart on overdrive.

But Andres swiftly sat up, moved my pelvis closer to him, placed my legs on top of his thighs
and went in straight deep. i grabbed his arms so tight and shouted a curse. he knew i wasn't expecting that. and yet he still went for it.

he bowed his head and whispered '' sorry sweet, i'll make it up promise''

goodness gracious! what the hell is he thinking?! going in that fast! fuck him.
was i mad? no i just didn't expect it to come in that fast. and without warning. 
oh man, you better do it right. it was a hard and awkward position, him sitting down,
my legs on top of his thighs. fuck, i guess sex was supposed to be hard. but its fucking great.
he then slowly pumped and i can just hold my breath everytime he goes in. his rhythm and
pace slowly increasing and i had no trouble catching up. the waves of our body in unison.
i couldn't hold it anymore, i wanted more. i got up using my elbow, sat astride him
my arms around his neck

''fuck me , faster ...please. Now'' i pleaded

you don't let a woman down when she pleads for pleasure. he banged me all night, all positions
that he can think of. i wantonly surrendered myself, passionately. i don't exactly know what time we slept.
i woke up with my face on his chest. i must have been deeply asleep. i saw him watching me, i can't help but smile. secretly hoping the day won't end. he stared at me as if memorizing every detail of my face.
i already have a picture of him in my mind, all i had to do was close my eyes.

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