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October 12, 2013 (4 years ago)
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''you think you're friends would mind if you go missing for a few hours?''

wow. san galing yun?! even i am surprised to hear it from myself! seriously?! a girl initiating?
as soon as i heard myself, i knew i was doomed. if it was just a tweet, i would have deleted it in an instant!
you have no idea how badly i swore superman was real, so he could turn back the earth and i can undo
what i just did. but superman is just a comic book hero. as for me, i am dead. i was secretly cursing myself for being so blunt, hoping he didn't hear it. and if he did, i hope he just turned me down. it would be the
rejection i'd take any day!  

but he devilishly smiled at me. he heard me loud and clear. he bent down the window and gave me a smack.
'' you want me to drive?'' he asked nicely. i just shaked my head so he went to the passenger side and sat.
now what will i do? where will we go. i can't bring him to my place! think think! i just drove but had no destination yet. goodness can i just drop him off somewhere? i was half laughing and half scolding myself.
whatever it was that was in his saliva, must have been so intoxicating!

he was quiet the whole time, that i was thankful. but he probably notice me fidgeting.

'' tagaytay ''

''huh?'' as i looked at him.

'' sabi ko, tagaytay would be a nice place to go to.  i'll actually enjoy a roadtrip with a beautiful lady like you. kung gusto mo, ako na rin magdrive, you were sleepy na kanina eh. mind if i take over?''

it was actually sweet, heartwarming. so i obliged. its gonna be a long drive, and i doubt if i can stay awake the whole trip. but i doubt ill be sleeping either. i pulled over and we switched. just before he started to drive, he kissed me again, i didn't stop him. his left hand on the wheels, his right hand busy caressing my neck. and then he broke off.

'' later'' and he smiled and started driving

half embarrased, i just looked ahead. and rested.

we managed to have this small talks the time we were on the road. but you could sense the anticipation inside the car. i was feeling half slippery down there already. and he hasn't touched me yet. behave i told myself. but my body wasn't listening. i can already feel the tension as we exchange glances. the heavy breathing inside the car was just unexplainable. i can see crotch hardening just as my nipples were under my bra.

i don't know how fast he drove and how we managed to reach tagaytay. he pulled over this hotel. turned the engine off and went  straight to my lips...

his left hand in my neck, his right on my chest

''damn, you have no idea how hard it was not to touch you. i could fuck you right here, right now'' 

i wasn't able to say anything. what he said, just turned me on e notch higher.

we alighted the car and checked in.and as soon as the door closed i knew i was up for something.

he carried me as i wrapped my legs around his waist. as we make our way to the bed his lips manage to land on my lips, neck, ears, my collarbone, i kissed his forehead, his lips, cheeks, neck. i tasted him.

he softly dropped me to the bed, held the hem of my shirt, lift it up and over my head. i can hear him breathing heavily. we we're just intensely looking at each other. not a word but we both understood.

i lay on my back with him following down. he removed his shirt and we kissed again. i was eager to find  his belt , unbuckel it and remove his pants. just as he was busy removing mine.

i want him so bad inside me already. but i guess he had plans.

he took his time removing my bra, staring at my boobs... planted soft kisses around that sent bolts of electricity through my veins. he licked and sucked my now hard nipples. i was ecstatic. his mouth went back to my lips. his hands continued to play my twins. at the same time i can feel him burying his hips to mine. he was so ready just as i was so wet. i was raising my hips just so he knows i want him. my hands were busy to, touching his torso, his back, his neck...

''Andres..'' i moaned

'' i already Andressed you sweet..'' he whispered in my ears in his most erotic tone

i lifted my hips, wrapped my legs around him submitting myself.

i felt his hands went down my stomach, my navel, and straight into my wetness.

all i could do was moan when i felt his fingers. it was busy rubbing the sides and top of my clit.
i was so hot and trembling. his hands were bringng me ecstasy.

''sweet, moan for me'' he asked. he didn't have to coz i was nonstop moaning his name

when his fingers slid in, i lost it. and then he stopped. i opene... Read More

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