French Kisses: Premier Chapitre

March 31, 2015 (3 years ago)
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French Kisses: Premier Chapitre"Double pen? Are you crazy?"

"Baby, please. I wanna try that on you. I wanna know how it feels when you have another cock inside you."

"And who will be the other guy?"




"That's stupid."

"That's my fantasy, please baby?"

"No way. Never in hell will that be happening."

"Oh come on. Your body is singing another tune."

It was only then that I felt his finger inside my pussy. How he got through the fabric of my skirt and my underwear, I don't know.

"When?" I said giving up to his request.

Rain looks much more French to me. His dad and Dane's dad are brothers. And they're both French. My boyfriend has blue eyes, a long sharp nose, dark brown hair and a beautifully chiseled face. His cousin looks a lot like him, except that he has golden brown hair.


"What? So soon?"

"You already said yes."

"I really hate you. You have to take me to that ATL concert in exchange with this."

"Okay. I'll take you to those punks if that's what it takes."

"Hey. You're rude. I love those punks you're talking about."

"I love you too miss punk."

A torrid kiss followed right after that.

"You're always so hot."

"Baby, I want Rain in my pussy."

"Damn. That's fucking delicious of you to ask."

"Let me?"

"I always wanted to see you pounded by another man."

"But one thing, why Rain?"

"I don't wanna share you with a friend or a stranger, and he has the hots for you."

"But after that, we're all gonna be the same right? Like nothing's happened?"

"Like nothing's happened."

With that, I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. We were in his office bedroom. And I don't care if his male secretary would hear us make love. After his pants fell off his feet, my office uniform followed suit. Seeing him in boxers and socks makes me go on fire. I feel like a female jaguar ready to devour him right at that moment.

"In all your naked beauty, you look like a jaguar ready to pounce on her prey."

"Rawr, baby. RAWR!"

And I pushed him back until the back of his knees touched the bed, "I'm gonna eat you alive. Beware."

"Just make sure you make me feel good."

"Ohh. Really? You're the first damned man to ever wanna feel good when he's about to die."

"Because I'm with a goddess."


And thus he carried me and wrapped my legs around him. He brought me to the nearest wall and kissed me thoroughly.

"You're the greatest bitch I ever tasted."

"You're the best bastard who ever fucked me."

"Bastard huh? Here's my being bastard to you."

And without saying, he plunged his 8-inch cock in me without warning.

"Damn Mr. Louelle, you're gonna rip me apart. Fuck me faster! Harder! Shit! Shit! I'm coming! Ahhh!"

I just can't stop swearing whenever we do each other. We're already engaged and I know nothing can ever come between us ever. In two weeks, we're gonna do our vows. In two weeks, I'll be his and he'll be mine. In two weeks, it will be the beginning of our forever.

"Oh fuck! Baby! I hate it when you go into a deep trance. Focus!"

He bit my right nipple which brought me back to my senses. He was already sweating so hard I knew he's controlling his climax.

"Oh baby! Shit! I'm coming again! Ohhh! Baby! Here I come!"

And right then and there, continuous explosions surged through me.

"This hot tight pussy! Uhh! Always know how to pleasure my dick! Come for me baby. Come!"

"Baby! Uhmm! Can't we get into a more decent position?"

"No way! Let's do the doggie. And I'll ride you like a jockey baby."

And he smirked at me while carrying me back to bed. Without removing his cock inside me, he turned me around on all fours as he got into a kneeling position.


"As always baby. Please. I want more of you."

"Prepare for the rough part baby."

And he began pounding without mercy. Losing his grip on my waist, he used his hands to simultaneously slap my butt and pull my long hair like a real jockey on a horse.

"Fuck you bitch! Come on! Come for me! Moan louder you slut! You want Rain in your pussy huh? You're gonna get him later you bitch! Craving for another dick! Uhh! Take this slap! And this! You're my slut!"

"Ahhh! Fuck! That slap hurts! Damn! Faster! Ahhh. I... I'm... So... Close! Ahhhh! Fuck fuck! Here I go again!"

I just can't count the times I came. I can only think of Dane's dick pounding my insides like crazy. The next thought that came was Rain, getting naked in front of me. And that sent me to the edge again.


"Dane... Your... Phone! Ahhh! Fuck! Here I come!"

Without stopping his movements, he took his phone from the side table. He answered the call and put it on speaker mode.

"Hello, Uhh... Rain?"

"Hey, you're huffing like crazy. What's wrong?"

"Won't you if there's a goddess who's making you feel so good?"

"Oh. I get it. Rebecca?"

"What?" I answered him in almost a whisper.

"Are you okay? I feel like you need a hospital right now. Dane's a real bastard in bed."

"You bet. He's a demon."

"Hey baby. Wait until you meet Rain. He's worse than I am."

"Lucifer? Rain?"

And we all laughed at my statement.

"Hey. I'm not. I know how to measure a woman. You, Rebecca, for instance, shouldn't be taken in a rush. If I were your fiance, I will do you for 6 hours, slowly, and only then would... Read More

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