Forced. The Cottage Story

December 29, 2015 (2 years ago)
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a story made for a sexual role play with my partner.

You have decided to take a few days off work and pamper yourself with that cottage in the country you've always wanted to stay at. You arrive in the early evening and you are tired and exhausted. The cottage is charming but you are too tired to unpack, too tired even to lock the front door, you just decide to have a lie down on the bed for a few minutes.

You kick off your shoes but do not bother to take off your tight denim shorts or your off the shoulder low cut blouse which reveals your firm young breasts beneath, you feel yourself drifting slowly off too sleep.....

You awake with a start, dusk is closing in and you are aware that you are not alone. Standing over you is a tall dark and very fit woodsman. He is roughly shaven and wearing jeans and a checked shirt. He stares down and your firm breasts and your bare legs topped only by your tight shorts. He has a large hunting knife in his hand.

You try to let out a scream, but he quickly covers your mouth with his huge paw like hand. 'Scream bitch and you're dead - do you hear me'? You nod rapidly as he moves his hand away from your mouth. He pulls off his shirt exposing a firm muscular torso.

Taking off his belt he grabs your wrists and places both between its loop then skilfully ties the other end to the bedstead. Your arms are now bound above your head as he takes off the silk scarf from around his neck and stuffs it firmly in your mouth. He sits down on a rocking chair and stairs at you, the blade of his hunting knife still glinting in the dieing light of the day.

After a pause that seems to last forever, he gets up and removes his jeans and pants revealing his erect cock which looks huge in the twilight of the room. He approaches and you let out a muffled scream and you start to thrash about helplessly.

The blade of his knife touches your cheek and you feel the deadly cold steel against your skin. "Shut the fuck up bitch else you'll get this" you lie still, your legs now back flat on the bed without movement. He places his massive hand between your legs and squeezes your bulging mound firmly.

You close your eyes to prevent him seeing the pleasure this brings, but he has noticed, he knows you’re loving it. He puts down the knife and unzips your tight shorts. With both hands he removes them and your panties in one swift action. You know what is about to happen but you are now completely aroused albeit against your will.

Your pussy begins to throb with anticipation as if it had a mind of its own. He can see your pert nipples pointing through you tight blouse, he knows that you are aroused. "Feeling hot are you bitch? Don't worry, you'll get what's coming to you". He pulls your blouse from your shoulders and draws it down to your waist, you are completely naked now apart from this small band of cloth.

Your now aching breasts bound free and your breathing quickens, your legs begin to part in secret anticipation. He knows you want it and he knows what a hot horny bitch you have become.

He grabs you by the legs and spreads them wide apart kneeling beside you for a moment, he takes hold of his firm dick in his right hand, makes a sign with his finger to show you’re not to make a sound and without any further delay plunges his manhood deep inside you.

You are so wet that it slips easily inside and he begins to ram you forcefully. You are moaning and groaning with unashamed pleasure as you wrap your legs around his waist and grip his firm ass to draw him deeper inside you.

Deeper and deeper, he plunges his cock inside you, tighter and tighter you grip him as you draw him inside you with your legs. The love making is now furious and you are so wet that his broad strong cock slides easily back and forth in and out up and down.

The sound of pleasure from your gagged mouth becomes louder and louder. He knows how excited you are and this just makes him harder and more strong. He removes the gag from your mouth and you let out an animal grown of pleasure. "You fucking bitch, you're really enjoying this aren't you?"

"YES, I am you bastard; fuck me harder - HARDER if you think you can!" He needs no further encouragement as he plunges more deeply and forcefully inside you. His ass pounds up and down and you hang on with you legs like a rodeo star, delighting in his every action, delighting in being taken in such a forceful way.

Your body begins to shudder and you orgasm over and over again as he continues to ride you. Your legs are slipping away from him now; you no longer have the strength to carry on. You know that you have totally submitted to him and you know that you have loved every moment of it.

He withdraws from you and unties your hands, his dick still hard and erect. You lie there prostrate, satisfied and fulfilled; your eyes are full of stars and your lips full with desire. He straddles your waist with his firm muscular legs;

His flat firm ass is sitting on your stomach. He begins to work himself off close to your face, you know what is coming as he intends to cover your with his hot juice. You remove his hand from his broad dick and take over the task yourself.

Leaning forward now, you insert his manhood into your mouth and draw it right in, sucking, kissing, forcing him inside you whilst your lips grip his dick and your tongue works its magic. He begins to shudder and his cock pulses uncontrollably.

You feel his juice pumping into your mouth and you gratefully swallow it down. As he withdraws you take the end of his cock and rub it firmly, squeezing the last amount of juice from his manhoo... Read More

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