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March 16, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me.- Napoleon Bonaparte 
I have been forcedly convincing myself that the man I again shared the strong feeling called love will believe the same way as Bonaparte did. I believe I have been very strong for I have faced life alone, raised my kid alone, and spent my money alone for the longest time of my life. Then came this man, promised me nothing, but he let me felt love from him so unconditionally, mistake it may have been but I held on to that, I have saved everything for him, myself, my love, my respect and the person I have made out of myself. He deserves all the best, I knew that I was not an inch to perfectness neither I am trying to be one but I am maintaining the good things in me and lessening the things I knew that he never liked. I am not the typical woman you see every day, I don’t really feel jealous for I am confident of who I am, of what I am, I have molded this personality so hard to be different from others but I realize I am no different to any other women out there when I am in love, because I have witnessed myself that a woman in love can alter all her practices and even willing to lose her sanity because of it, and I belong however I haven’t met nor knew a woman who admitted that they became insane because of love, but observing their actions I can relate much. When you accidentally came into my life for the second time. Yes we have known each other once upon time, but we were opposites in everything like you were the good boy and I was the bad girl. You did not even wanted to give me a look well not just me but even those girls who wore sexier bodies from my department during those days for you are so focused on your studies.
Then we retire from school and we are having our own battles in the field we had chosen to fight with. Those little smiles that you’d given me and glimpse pushed me to approach you, you said you were unhappy and so were I, and that makes the two of us I said and you laugh. Must I tell you that when I saw you that very moment I silently wished 5 things, and I was so hoping so hard that it will happen? Well I most often than not asked for signs from above every time I am not comfortable with someone or on something I cannot decide. My wishes were granted on episodes and they came not even in order but I was taken aback when my first on the list came second that very day. You were not stunning but you fit so perfectly on the definition of gwapo, you are tall dark and handsome and you are chubby which caught my attention.
Ours was a whirlwind romance, when I saw you I told myself that I will talk to you no matter what happen and alas you asked me to dance when the alcohol took its course to your veins and there my last wish on my list happened, the feeling then immediately got sobered, yes, you made me feel kilig that moment that I felt so conscious, imagine that in an instant I felt I don’t smell good, that my face was good enough for frying already, but I have my ways I just closed my eyes and savored the moment that we were sharing, it felt so damn good that until now while writing this piece makes me smile and go back on that American independence day, then I asked If you can sing and you asked me what was my fave song, since it was a make or break rule I crossed my fingers that you can sing even just a portion of it for no one in my past did, and just after telling you what it is, you sang its chorus and my reaction? I was stunned, yes because I realized that it is now happening little by little, first the dance then my song, I even asked will it all happen today maybe ready to indulge myself in a relationship again but what about you? Suddenly I started to ask questions to myself already like should I continue with this forbidden love? Is he the type of guy who plays around? And many more until sleep pulled me to your arms, yes I slept with your tight hugs till you kissed me good morning its time to go home now.
I have wished 5 wishes when I saw you and 2 of them happened on the day that we met again. You never knew those wishes until almost of them were granted. I kept them to myself for almost 2 months until the 3rd wish happened,you asked me out again, the usual thing like sitting on the sand watching the night sky and those floating lanterns added the love I silently keep to my heart until 3 am came you whispered can you make love with me? We had so much intimate moments that I can no longer contain myself and asked you are you serious and not just about asking me to make love with you for if you are really serious?i will definitely make l... Read More

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