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October 19, 2013 (4 years ago)
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HAHA. De biro lang. Fiction naman! Totoong nagkita kami, pero walang nangyari. Haha. Masaklap nga e. An inyong mababasa ay pawang kathang isip lamang, ano mang pagkakahawig sa tunay na buhay ay di sinasadya. HAHA. de eto na talaga. Wrote this a year ago kaya medyo novice pa yung pagkakasulat, posted it sa isang site. Pasensya na yan lang nakayanan. Injuuuy!

“I’ll you in a bit – *insert my name here*” Text ko sakanya. I didn’t realize there’s this one verb lacking in my text because I was in a hurry to finish stuffs to be able to meet him up @3pm. Naexcite daw siya when he read it. I guess that gave him so much meaning. But believe me guys, I didn’t text it intentionally.

Today is Friday. The day I’ve been waiting for since last week. No. Not last week. I’ve been imagining our meet up for the past few months. Finally after 4 months of waiting, I’m gonna meet him. Lakas ng kabog ng puso ko. I was thinking of what to do, what to say pagka nagkita na kami. Balisa pero I’m trying to keep calm. Adrenaline rush ika nga. @2pm I took a bath. After 30 minutes I went out of the CR. My roommates were looking at me with a crooked smile on their faces.

“Maglagay ka ng make-up.”

“Babae kanaaaa!”

“Grabeng ligo yun ah. Talagang kinuskos talaga.”

“ Magtetext ka pagka nag SOGO kayo ha. Sa pinakamalapit lang na SOGO kayo pumunta. HAHAHAHA”
“Mga ulol!” I told them. Haha. Napapatawa na lang ako sa sinabi nila. Lakas talaga nila mang-alaska. Palibahasa ngayon lang nila ako nakitang nagaayos ng ganito. Well this would be the first time I’ll go out. I dunno of if I’m gonna consider this one as a date pero going out with a guy and just the 2 of you together, well I guess it’s a date. First Time. Walking distance lang yung hotel na tinutuluyan ko to the mall so I walked na lang.

“Text me up na lang” I told Him. I was looking for the LBC kasi sa loob ng mall. Di ako pamilyar sa mall na yun so nagpalakad lakad ako. The mall is quite big. Nafrustrate ako kasi di ko siya mahanap sa loob, and I never bothered to ask the customer service area nor the guard so I went out. Dumaan ako sa other side of the mall. Habang palabas ako, I received a text from him.

“San ka na” was the text.

“Andito lang ako sa tabi tabi naghahanap ng LBC. Haha” I replied. So it was another one hot sunny day in Manila. I was wearing black polo checkered blouse, skinny jeans, and doll shoes. Grabe sobrang init talaga.

So I was passing this hallway like na daanan, medyo siksikan nga lang ng onti. I kept on walking hanggang sa parang may naaninag akong pamilyar na tao. Besides, his color and height is standing out among the rest. Nakayuko siyang naglalakad. And I was, Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. He is so near. Parang yung sa slow motion commercials na magkakasalisi ang girl saka boy. Yun talaga ang naiimagine ko. Hahaha. He kept on walking and I kept on walking too. I asked an old guy kung saan yun LBC. Same thing, he told me na nasa loob ng mall. But I can’t find it. Haha. Oh well. I texted him na pabalik ako ng mall and asked where he was. Palapit ako sa entrance ng mall and he saw me. There he was. After ko masend yung text, nakita ko din naman agad siya, nagsign siya ng pa-turo to confirm it was me. I smiled. We chatted for a while, asked someone kung nasan yung LBC. Pumunta kami but there’s too many people inside. So I told him na labas na lang muna kami.

“Where do you want to go now? Kumain kana ba?” He asked.

“Kumain na ako ng lunch. Ikaw ba?? Baka hindi pa ah. Stroll na lang muna tayo.”

“Bili na lang muna tayo ng ticket.” We planned kasi to watch The avengers a month ago.

“Sige. Sige”

So while walking sa MovieHouse, we talked stuffs. Kumustahan ng buhay. Lumalayo ako ng onti sakanya. Naconcious kasi ako bigla. Ang puti niya as in. Nahiya talaga ako. Hahaha. Pero from time to time, nagdidikit ang balikat namin. Buntong hininga na lang ang nagagawa. We bought tickets and decided to watch @4:30 pm. We still have 45minutes para sa movie so ginawa namin is tambay sa foodcourt. Hanap ng upuan. We talked about the EB with Ate pixie and others. Asked me kung ano yung ginawa namin. Kinumusta ko din mga pinagagawa niya sa buhay this past few days. I was trying to maintain my eye contact but I guess nakoconcious talaga ako. He look cute kasi. Not everybody’s guy but he has this something that caught me. So malapit na mag 4:30. Pumunta na kami sa theatre. He bought me chips while he got himself popcorn. Nung nasa movie, napansin ko na he can’t sit still.

“Ang gulo neto.” I told him. He just smiled.

Maybe napansin niya na hindi ako masyado gumagalaw.

“Are you okay?? He whispered.

“Yes I am.” I murmured.


I leaned forward. My lips almost touching his ears. “Okay lang ako.”

Nasa kalagitnaan na ng movie when..

“Scott, are my hands cold??” I whispered. Nilagay ko ang kamay ko sa wrist niya.

“Mmm. I guess you need something warm.” He said. Di ko pinansin.

After a few minutes..

“Akin na ang kamay mo.”

“Huh?” I got confused. Pero binigay ko naman ang kamay ko. He held it and put it under his bag (or was it a bag anyways? I couldn’t care less. It was dark) over his pants, in his thigh. My heart was racing so fast. My lower extremities started to chill. Oh God, Oh god. I mumbled in my head. Lakas ng pulse sa loob. I can feel it. Little by little, he was pushing my hand somewhere inside the “warmer”. And as he pushes my hand further I know I can feel something hot. And it’s pulsating.

Blood flowing on my neck, face, everywhere. We’re in the climax of the movie and yet magsisimula pa lang kami n gaming sariling climax. God. Why can’t my fucking legs stop shaking. Goddammit. I tried to look at his reactions. Finally, I touched his boy, feeling it. It’s hot. Really really hot. It’s moving. I’m so thrilled. FIRST TIME. I looked at his face. I looked at his POKER face. Di na ako makaconcentrate sa movie. Shit I need to calm down. Not now. Not this time. Maybe a little later but not now. So I pulled it off na muna. And the fact that I’m being cautious that we might be caught by some guards. I turned my face on him and smiled. Still, he is on poker face. Okay. So the movie lasted for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

“Where do you want to go now??”

“Anywhere is fine with me.”

“Let’s go.”

“Where?” But he didn’t respond.

He held my hand. I don’t have any idea where we are going. Pero I know something really, really good was gonna happen. Dami pa ding tao. It’s almost 7pm. Lumabas kami sa mall. Di naman nagmamadali pero I can feel the tension in his hand holding mine, the electricity of his skin on my skin. Walang nagsasalita samin pareho. Lumabas kami sa other side ng mall. Now I know where we are going. I think it was happening so fast. I was singing this song in my head (I forgot the title nga lang. haha., “Inch by inch we’re moving closer. Just like a fairy tale..” Basta something like that. Haha
Di ko na nga napansin na binuksan ng guard ang door for us. I barely hear the words the receptionist was saying. My heart was beating so fast.

“Room --- Sir.” Shit. It’s really happening.

The moment we entered the room, I rammed the door and he leaned me on the wall with so much force as he leaned down and locked his lips on mine. He was too furious I. Kinakapa ko ang switch para isara ang ilaw.

I unbuttoned his polo with my other hand and the other’s working on his pants. He was unbuttoning mine too. It took him a while to unbutton my pants and my boyleg too. So panty na lang ang natira. Damn everything is getting hotter now. I can feel his body now. At last I can feel that body I used to imagine. We were making groans savoring and feeling the intense scene. Oh my god the groans I used to hear over the phone. His kisses went down on my neck as we walk to the bed.

“Wait, can we first open the aircon?” I told him. He laughed out loud. I opened it to the maximum level.
Bumalik ako sa kama. I placed myself on top of him. I removed the sleeveless under my polo shirt and my bra. I traced my tongue on his lips, tasting every inch of him. Pinapasok ko ang dila niya. tracing his braces ^_^ his tongue was catching mine. I smiled. I removed his pants completely kasabay ng brief niya. Bumaba ako from his lips to his neck. My hands holding his semi-hard big guy. Shit. It’s visible, it’s tangible now. I’m so much amazed and overwhelmed. God I just dreamt of this night months ago. This was like first time after 11 months. I was licking him all over. I was looking at those eyes that was dazzling me a while ago. I moved my hands up and down and he was breathing so heavily. He was touching my boobs and it felt really good, pinching it. I went down on him. Said hello to the big guy and liked the hole slowly, mocking him. God I love mocking him because it felt good when he moans, telling me he wants more.

“Ahhh shit what are you doing. You’re soo good baby.” I smiled. I’m hearing it now. I can’t believe I’m hearing those moans now. I sucked his boy which was getting bigger inside my mouth, thrusting my mouth on his. My hand on the body of his boy making handjob while sucking and licking it. Daming pre-cum. So this guy is really excited huh. Well I am. Nung malapit na siya labasan he made me stopped. Pinabaliktad niya yung position naming, him on my top. He licked my boobs like there’s no tomorrow. Kinakagat kagat niya.

“Scott more please. .” I said. Kagat labi. I love the way he consumes me. I love the way he do it slowly, intensely. He was careful enough he might hurt me. His hand under my panty touching my pussy. And it’s dripping wet now.

“Babe can you put it inside now??” I asked. Without saying a word, he removed my undies and positioned on my top.

“Ready?” He asked. I nodded. Pinapasok niya ng dahandahan. Sobrang ingat na masaktan ako knowing na ilang buwan akong nagpractice ng celibacy.

“ Shit Scott. So big indeed. Keep doing it.” I said. He started to thrust deeper. Maya maya sinasabayan ko na ang rhythm ng katawan niya.

“Keep fucking me. I love the way you do it. Ahhhh sarap mong kumantot pu... Read More

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