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FIRST ATTEMPT 01 NOTE: Ths is my first attempt in story-writing, and I would like to ask for your indulgence for I do not have any background in doing this. Comments and or criticisms are very much welcome. 

THIS IS A TRUE STORY. Although the names and places have been changed for purposes of protecting the identities of the characters involved, the details of the events are, to the best of our my knowledge, what actually transpired as what was told to me by the principal characters in this story. 


IM – the husbandS
AM – the wife
MEL – their chat room friend 


This story happened sometime in 2004.

Jim and Sam are a newly-married couple who are in their early twenties. Jim is about 5’10” of medium build with fair complexion while Sam is a “chinita” with a very light complexion and about 5’5” in height with a whistle-bait figure of 36-24-36. Mel is single and their “chat” friend, a lady 19 years old, a student, with long hair, about 5’4” in height and with a body just like Sam but Mel’s complexion is more of a morena type,  who they only get to talk with in a public chat room.  Jim and Sam both reside in San Juan, Metro-Manila while Mel is from Mandaluyong. 


Jim and Sam have been married for only a couple of months and are both sexually active. Never a day passes by na hindi sila na se – sex na dalawa. They are both very “adventuruous” when it comes to their sexual acts and are both very open to each other as to how they can both have sexual satisfaction. They have also used “sexual aids/toys” as a way of adding twists in doing their thing. 

Among the things that Jim and Sam engaged in, among others, before their initial sexual acts for the night, was to login into public chat rooms at In one of these room, they got to get acquainted with Mel and she has been a constant chat mate of Jim and Sam. 

One early evening, right after dinner, naisipan ni Sam na mag log in sa room na madalas nilang puntahan ni Jim. A few seconds after makapasok ni Jim sa chat room ay may natanggap sya private message mula kay Mel. 

Mel: hi sis!

Sam: hello sister!

Mel: sis, may itatanong sana ako sa iyo eh.

Sam: go!

Mel: meron ka ba kilala na naghahanap ng GFH?

Sam: anong GFH sis?

Mel: girl for hire sis.

Sam: At sino nag pa pa hire? Ikaw? Hi hi hi

Mel: yes sis.Sam: (nabigla) whattttt? Baket???

Mel: it’s a long story sis. Basta kailangan ko pera 3 days from today eh.

Sam: wala na bang ibang paraan sis? Bakit naman ganyan?

Mel: ito na lang pinaka madali sis na magka pera ako eh.

Sam: in 3 days na ba talaga kailangan? Baka pwede af... Read More