June 13, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Napapaisip talaga ako sa title ng confession kong ito.

So why "Firestarter"?

As I made mention during my first confession, I am a guy who is always in heat, but is not open to penetration. I like to try many things that arouse me, to the point that I climax and ejaculate.

As for my stay here in FSS, I was kind of shocked when I saw that someone sent me a PM. So I read it.

I found out that we share that "model student" reputation, but we were horny as well.

Ever since I found that out, I can't get it off my head, I feel very much aroused, and made my fire burning wild.

The fact that she messaged me was clear: she might have seen my confession here, and read it.

I feel the need to know who she is. You really got me thinking there, miss. Well... Read More

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