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It always starts with a nibble kiss to the head,
a short lick,
as my head is slowly engulfed in your mouth,
as you suck on the head your playful tongue ensures pleasure for the wild night,

You release my head making sure it is craving for your mouth more,
A long lick from my head going to the groin,
Another lick as you crave for my shaft,
A kiss ensued to the bottom of the head as your licks returned to it,
A kiss that sucked the skin as you pulled it away,
nibbling my cock as it grows harder and harder

Your head went lower as you lick my balls,
oh what pleasure it gave,
as you give small kiss to my groin that turned the heat on,
As you open your mouth to suck on just one of my balls,
As you release and make your way towards the next one,
It was more aggresive as you suck on my balls with your tongue playing with it inside,

My cock was wanting your mouth more and more as you lick it from the groin back to the head,
your tongue licked my wanting shaft as your head slowly lowered and suck on it more,
As your lips grazed and sucked on my cock so slowly and sensually,
you relased my cock full of your saliva and used your hands to feel how hard and wet,
you have made my cock very mad,

You lowered your head for the last time,
As you suck on it slowly letting me feel the depth of your mouth,
until it reach your throat,
As it slides out... Read More

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