Father's Day

June 21, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Every time of this year there's this 1 day I either look forward or cringe in fear when it comes.Kasi doon malalaman ilan nga ba ang anak at anak sa iba.Anyway,dito sa FSS sa taong 2015 e tila nag silabasan na sila sa kanilang tinataguan.

So many of you here call me "Tatang or Itay".Ok mga aking anak go ahead make it big and great when you greet me here or sa chat.

"I am not the best yet I try my best with the abilities given to me by god.I try to be encouraging to whatever you are in interest in doing,in achieving,in evrything.All I asks from you is be humble and use common sense always.I love you my child,like your other siblings here.If I have been siding with 1 person its because I see the RIGHT of their cause.I want you to know that its not that you are wrong but only clouded by confusion of the issues.

I am only a man,who even if already taken would still fall for another woman.I take blame with no pride but of humility in this shame.Forgive me my child i'm only human who commits mistakes just like you.So I say this to yo... Read More

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