Farewell, My Pieng Yiu

September 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Just as I got home,
I received a phone call.
A call which prompted me to sit
`coz if not, I might just fall.

"What?!" I tried to keep calm,
Yet I ended up screaming.
The shaky response was,
"We'll pick you up, Mimi's dying."

We rushed to the hospital,
Praying that she'd be fine.
But what awaits us
Is a monitor with a flat line.

Oh, what sorrow it is
To be left by a friend so dear.
Our sobs echoed through the hallway;
So heartfelt, so sincere.

A fatal car accident,
That's what took her life.
Remembering her sweet smile
Felt like I'm being stabbed with a knife.

My sweet dear pieng yiu,
I have known you since we're young.
Your genuine kindness and optimism,
Is a symphony left unsung.

Your death is painful,
We are all grieving.
Do you feel the same, pieng yiu?
Or are you rejoicing?

I've read that death is only painful,
To those who were left behind.
But to the ones who left,
It’s the ultimate peace of mind.

Farewell, my dear pieng yiu.
Yes, I may have lost you today.... Read More

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