June 25, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Mahirap magtago ng fantasies. Yung tipong pinagjajakolan mo na lang. Lahat naman tayo dumaan don diba? Hahaha. 

One of my fantasies is having my girlfriend get into an affair guys. Not necessarily sex, pero welcome din yun syempre, hahaha.

Kung sexless affair, ako na mismo sa isip ko gumagawa ng sexcapades nila. 

Kung sexed affair, well gusto ko me detailed kwento at pictures hahahaha.

Basically the thought of my girlfriend fucking another one or making someone fall for her gives me a fucking hard on that no other thing can match. Except maybe when we have sex nga.

Up til now I still fantasize about how my girlfriend would moan and gyrate over another man's penis. How she would suck on that throbbing member as if she doesn't have me as her boyfriend. I imagine her walking into someone else's room, climbing onto someone else's bed. Stripping down infront of someone else. Kneeling and sucking, bending over and fucking.

I imagine her doing positions we haven't even tried yet. Or giving the same blowjob to another man with the same intensity as she does when she gives me head. Or pulling someone to a bathroom and making out and fucking while standing up. I im... Read More

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