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August 19, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happened in college, I was 5th yr then, and it was enrollment for summer class.  Bambi was a 2nd yr student and worked as an enrollment staff.  i befriended her and eventually courted her.  I was 20 yrs old and she was 17 years old then.  She was not that pretty, a morena, and petite (about 5'0).  Before summer started she invited me to her province which was about 2hrs away from the city because it was her father's 1st yr death anniversary.  We were not bf-gf then but i was courting her already for 3wks.

It was friday when we arrived at her province.  We were met by her 2 elder sisters, Gina in her early 30's and Mel (told me that she was 24).  Although they were 4 in the family, one sister was not able to come home from Manila where she works.  Bambi is the youngest among 4 sisters.  Her mom also passed away about 3 yrs before her father.  Both her sisters are public school teachers.  We had dinner and we talked about their father.  They also interviewed me about my background and about myself.  In the province, almost everyone was already asleep at around 9pm so since I was the only guy in the house, I just decided to sleep in my car (I had a LiteAce that time) knowing they would never allow me to sleep with their sister.

I woke up early (due to mosquito attack that night) and went outside to smell fresh air and pee just outside the house.  I heard someone taking a bath nearby and decided to look.  It was Gina, taking a bath at the well just outside their house.  She was wearing a thin sando and panty.  I could see her nipples wet and hard underneath the thin cloth of her sando.  I hid trying not to be noticed, and just keep watching.  Seeing her putting her hands inside her panty, soaping her pussy gave me a hard on.  I really wanted to jerk off there and then but was not in the right place so i just remembered everything in my mind.

We had breakfast and talked about their father again, how strict their father was and why they were still single.  They told me that their father would threaten any suitors and that I am kinda lucky, that no suitor has ever been inside their house.  after breakfast, we decided to go to the beach nearby and meet some relatives, had lunch there, and went back at before dinner time or about 530pm (dinner there is at 6pm).  It was then that I learned that their bathroom is really outside and you need to fetch water from the well and bring it there and thinking maybe Gina got lazy to fetch water and instead just bathe in the well.  I took a bath and i realized that i had no more extra undies.  I already used all 3 i brought.  I told Bambi about it, and jokingly she told me its ok with her that I borrow one of hers.  I was glad since i could wear her undies, it would probably be the nearest thing my cock would be to hers (she's so conservative and since i was still courting her, not even holding hands or kiss yet).

Thinking of the early morning bathe, I positioned the car just across the well, and hope that history will repeat itself (my car was tinted, but it was not that dark though).  Around 9pm, it was already quiet and i was still wide awake, thinking of what happened that morning.  Memorizing every second of it and giving me a hard on.  Mel went out and checked on me and brought me a mosquito repellant (katol).  We had a short chit-chat and had a fun conversation.  All the while, my huge hard on was so evident because i was wearing soft panties and basketball shorts.  I could see her peek at my crotch area.  She got a little concious when she also noticed that i noticed she was peeking.  She said she had to go and I offered to walk her to the house steps.  While walking, she inadvertedly or intentionally hit my crotch area with the sway of her hands.  I knew she felt my hard on.  I kinda grimace, and her reaction was to say sorry and touch the area where it hurt, I said it was nothing and stand up straight which made her hit my hard on again.  Which made us both giggle.  It was then I was shocked when she told me that it was huge (its more or less 5inches).  I told her that its the normal Filipino size, when she told me she has not seen one yet, to my shock and delight.  And with a scary and curious look on her face, my answer was "would you like to see it"?  She said yes, and asked if she can touch it.  It made me speechless but nevertheless, she groped it.  Feeling she wanted it, i pulled her and tried to kiss her.  She returned the favor.  She pulled me under the stairs of the house to a little bodega, full with feeds for farm animals.  I groped her boobs (she has the largest boobs among the 3) and played with her nipples.  She then told me that she was still a virgin and she wanted me to deflower her.  She pulled down her shorts and panties and tried to put my hard cock inside.  She was having a hard time putting it inside.  I helped her by putting my fingers in her pussy and was very wet already.  I spread her wetness outside, around the lips of her pussy.  Everytime I put my fingers inside to spread her juice, she would moan.  With her still tight virgin pussy, we were having a hard time doing it standing, so i carried her (she was also petite).  I let gravity help me as I was carrying her, my hard cock was positioned pointing upward towards her pussy and bring her down making a perfect insertion.  I made her moan and shout, and wrapped her hands around me tightly squeezing me tight feeling pain and pleasure.

I fucked her at the bodega.  Carrying her pushing her up and down.  I was afraid of ejaculating inside her, i pulled out and jack it off and pulled her face near it and blasted it in her face and neck.  As if nothing happened, she just pulled shorts and panty up, wipe her face and left me there.  I took of Bambi's panty and wipe my cock with it.  It was so dark that I had to walk slowly back to the car slowly holding the panty.  And off to doze off inside the car.

I woke up early and was excited that I have a very good view to the well.  It was then that I realize that my shorts had some reddish blood stains.  I took a look at the Bambi's panty and it also has blood stains, it was then I realized that Lanie was indeed a virgin and our sex last night was her first time.  Feeling a little panic, i went out and wash the panty and some of my undies.  Near the middle of my washing, Gina went out to take a bath and saw me and greet me.

She was wearing the same outfit as yesterday morning, and as a gentleman, I offered to fetch water for her.  She declined and told me that she's used to bathe outside, and no one is gonna peep at her because their house is well fenced and it is at the back and their neighbors are a not near.  So I just hurriedly finish up my washing, and she just bathe as if i was not there.  She noticed the blood stains in my shorts and asked "ano yan"?  but I wasn't thinking of the bloodstains but my hard on, I answered innocently, "wala kasi ako brief".  She just laughed and asked me if it was blood and i said it was just stain (my basketball shorts was colored red), and she said "human stain? baka nag jajakol ka lang, pwede ka naman humingi ng tissue."  Her statement gave me a huge hard on which was evident since i was wearing no undies, just a basketball shorts.  So any position i would do, it would be evident that I have a hard on.  She told me that I shouldn't be ashamed because its just natural, and asked me if I got turned on with her taking a bath.  I couldn't deny anymore and said yes.  She then told me to help her and fetch water for her and bring it to the toilet.  I was afraid that she got angry and I offended her or nahiya siya, so I just fetched her water.  The toilet has a very big pail and it was half full, so I have to go back and get more.  When I went back, I pushed the door, she was there already and naked.  She just pulled me in, and kissed me.  She got down and gave me a bj.  I really wanted to e... Read More

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