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Like any other guy, I've promised to myself that when I fall in love, I'll give my all, I'll do my very best to secure the feelings and to protect the relationship, and that to always be true to her and be honest to myself for her.

I also made a promise of taking care of her all the time, that I'll never hurt her and will never make her cry. I will never leave her side and I will never break her heart. As sure as we are together I will always make her smile, i'll make sure she'll laugh.

She will be the only apple of my eye. She'll be my rose in december, my snowflakes in summer. She will have my precious attention, and she will be the most beautiful girl I see. She will be loved with all of my heart.

She's the boss. I just don't care what other people might say when I begun serving her. I just want to make her feel like the most wealthy princess ever seen in fairytales, and I, the richest slave.

I will show her love in the most wonderful way. I'll comb her hair three times a week, I'll wash her feet every other night, massage her back whenever stress strikes her, I'll make her heart calm and comfortable.

Wherever she is, i'm there. Whenever she needs me, i'll be there. If I have to die for her, I do, i'll close my eyes and feel her heartbeats, hey, i'll never die. She can always count on me.

My understanding is faster than my anger. I will listen to her. I'd rather lose than to have a fight. I'd rather be martyr because she is pecisely much important than my ego, she's my pride anyway.

Untill I realized how idealistic I am. The way I know how to love was over fantastic. It was too dramatic. And just like any other guy, I failed.

No matter how I tried to make her smile, she cried.
No matter how I tried to make her happy, she's still sad.
There were times that I hate her.
There were times that I'm angry to her.
I don't want to hurt her, but there were times that I need to. The bottomline, I still hurt her.

I know to myself that I love her, and I, being a human is part of the love. A human who made mistakes. I gave my all to that kind of love but it was not enough.

It was not enough because this is not the kind of love that she wants. She hates fairytales and she told me that i'm over protecting her, and she cursed me for that.

There are lot of things that I really wanted to do with her together, there's a lot of unspoken words that I still want to wispher to her heart, but i'm way too late... It was just too late... When peo... Read More

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